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Trying to add some art to the Video Game Folder, but I don't see it in the drop down box and there is no + sign on the tab
Thanks so much for adding me! Can't wait to contribute to this group

i'm looking for a traditional or digital artist to bring my OC to life for the very first time, 

i will pay but can't pay a lot so...............

if anyone's still reading, i'm ok with some artistic input but i do have her about 80% how i would like her in my head,

so to the job itself it would be two or four full figure, no background, back and front, clothed and nude (nothing graphic, just nude)

i would appreciate anyone willing to help as this will be the base for all future commissions of her, 

if you've got this far you may just be the man/ woman/ centaur/ talking tree i'm looking for,

i will reply to any and all response as soon as i can,

Message to the Sketch Card fans: I have with me Artist Proofs of The Marvel Greatest Heroes Avengers / Batman The Legend / Superman The Legend / Great Battles Marvel / Marvel: Age of Bronze sketchcards set.

If you wan
a exclusive commissioned sketchcard, please, here's the prices:
>Close up: U$: 40,00 (each character) - full color without background
> Half body: U$: 60,00 (each character) - full color without background
>Background (add U$:20,00 to final card price).
Please contact Me in ASAP! It's a limited number and I can make this special prices for a specific time.
Thanks to all,
Jader Correa
Thanks so much for adding me!