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Blair Fae



A student


5 ft (barely) 




Blair mostly carries around extra hair supplies for when her hair (inevitably) breaks free of it's confines.
Other than that she has some charm making craft supplies, said charms that are created from them, her cell phone, and some earbuds.

-Part-time Job- 
None, her parents send her an allowance

Blair is a rather quiet girl in school. While she isn't shy necessarily, she just usually prefers peace and quiet. Not to say that she doesn't like being around energetic people (as her friends are pretty much exclusively so not on purpose of course), it's just that blair herself is a very laid back individual. She's hardworking and gets her work in on time and is a great partner to have on projects. She doesn't often take up leadership positions however, and is often times following the lead of someone else (even if its to her own dismay). Blair is a good friend to have though, she's understanding and patient. Usually she's considered to be the rational "mom" friend of the group. Though this doesn't mean she doesn't have her own wild streak, it just takes the right person to let it out.

Blair's family is well known by most everyone, but not for the right reasons. The infamous Fae Family is a known mob family in the area. There isn't anything unsavoury that they aren't rumored to be involved with. While it's unclear what all is true and what all is hearsay, what is known is that the family is very well off and that Blair herself is the daughter of the family's patriarch. While school officials and higher ranking families are aware of blair's home situation, Blair herself is hard to peg as a mob boss's daughter. She is sweet and caring to those around her and is more than willing to walk the straight and narrow to get a job done. Because of this, there have been no problems with Blair's family. They keep her well situated and pay the school off enough for them not to ask too many questions. It's a win-win for everyone.
Blair is actually a new transfer student to St. Abadeers this year, as her last school eventually had some... complications.

Nature, Animals, Drawing, Crafts, Space, Friends, Eating with friends

Confrontation, Aggressive Individuals, Boring Lectures, Bullies, Being judged off her family

Wears Braces
Exclusively wears big sweaters all the time
She likes to doodle in her notebooks during class, usually animals, plants, or constellations
Her hair more or less has a mind of it's own
Despite just coming to St. A's she is actually good friends with Carmel, as the two are childhood friends
Isn't exceptionally skilled at making food, but will do so often to have picnics with friends
Despite what her family does and who Blair is, Blair loves her family deeply and gets offended when people talk badly of them
She has a hard time saying no to people she's close with, even if they are asking her to do something she knows is stupid 

Biology, Drama, Home Ec, English


-Sports teams- 
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