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Royals of Perfection

- Name -
 Prince Temperance Golubica 
-Princess Deliverance Golubica

- Nickname -
Tempy (only by his sister)

- Age -

- Sex -

- Orientation -
shrugs harder

- Status -

Species -

Occupation -
Prince and Heir to the Dove Kingdom
Princess and local hooligan

Likes -
Tempy: Order, quiet moments, and having things go smoothly. He never really seems to have these things in his life much at all frankly. He enjoyed ballet most of his youth and still practices for the health benefits and also likes picking up a foil for a bit of sword play. His favorite foods either tend to be soups or stews, but absolutely hates apples or anything that contains them. 

Deli: Things going exactly the way she wants it too, which is usually out of control. She loves pranks, hijinks, mind games and even dabbles in a little pick pocketing here and there. The girl absolutely can't help herself around shiny things and pretty baubles. Above all though, Deli loves it when people underestimate her and she is able to prove to them otherwise.

Dislikes -
Tempy: Again, apples, pretty much whatever mess his sister has started now, his father, all the paperwork he has to do, and the fact that he realizes he starting to kinda get a little old

Deli: While she has many petty dislikes, the only true thing she honestly hates is the lack of control she has over her own life and future as per her kingdom's customs.

Personality -
Tempy: He is an iron wall of a man. He's hard please and even harder to amuse. He's what some would consider to be a strict boss but not an unfair one. He strives for perfection, luckily only in himself and not others. And in this regard he is also his harshest critic. And anyone who has truly angered this icy man would know: he can be the harshest of people. However, he is not all stoicism and gloom, he does have a soft spot for his kid sister, though his scolding makes it hard to tell. He is by no means a rude person either, in fact he's rather polite, especially when it comes to foreign dignitaries. The man could stand to de-stress a bit and unwind, but overall he has chosen his path in life and embraced the responsibilities and privileges that come with it. 

Deli: The little lady is a whirlwind you never see coming, and are still processing even after shes already left. She is an incredibly charming young woman, with sparkling eyes and witty humor. She plays off initially as neither overly bright or overly dull, but its a mistake to take her as someone harmless. Deli is a little deviant who loves to stir up trouble and cause anything to shift things from the status quo. Where he brother is order, she is chaos, and delights in her well thought out plans. She may be young and a bit wild, but she is by no means foolish. Deli's biggest strength is her mind. She's sharp as a whip and knows exactly how to use what she's got.

Background -
The two young royals of the dove kingdom haven't had the smoothest of lives. Sickness claims all regardless of birthright, and shortly after Deli's birth, her mother, the Queen, was taken by a plague that swept through their kingdom. Deli, Temperance, and their Father, King Merrit, survive. But between father and children the relationship is rather strained at best. The King and the Prince never seem to see things eye to eye and are more often than not quarreling over one issue or the next. Conversely, the King seems to think its daughter a perfect innocent angel, naive but loving. No man could understand his daughter more wrongly than this. The relationship between the two siblings however is stronger than most. While Deli still delights in causing havoc on her brother's perfectly laid out routines, they would do anything for one another. 
The kingdom of doves is one that projects perfection, purity, and virtue without flaw. It is a connotation that brings its people both pride and pain. For no one is perfect.
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Omg dem legs 10 outta 10!

but seriously love these design and their story is lovely!! <D
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Perfection is righttt. ovo Ho danggg. :heart:
Honestly though, they're beautiful! ;;v;; I love their designs and how different they are in personality. XD I mean, already knew that in past work but still. XDD Haha I just adore them, designs and bios. That's just sad about their mother and how Tempy and his dad are always butting heads. <8c
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Sorry did you mean to write "shortly after Deli's death?" Not birth?
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Kingston: "U-Um...hello there Princess...I am Kingston, Prince of the Goldfish Kingdom and I came to present a gift." The shy prince spoke slowly as he fumbled about and pulled out a box, keeping an eye on the sneaky princess. "In this box is a blue pearl...I would have given you a pink one, but my sister insisted I give you a blue one--I can see why, it matches your eyes. A-Anyway, I do hope you enjoy our gift and we can have a...or form a wonderful alliance."  He said as he kept his distance from her, not wanting to get too close or look too closely at her.
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I love them!! They're amazing! ^^
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dawww thanks im glad you do ;u;
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No problem at all, I look forward to seeing more of them in the future hopefully ^^
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I totally love them!!!
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thanks! Im glad u do lol~
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ooh full body ref!
they look great >v<
temperance's outfit is just MPH
and deliverance looks so sly n cute
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oo thanks!! 
n yeah u know mu boy is styling, and while deli is a lil more understated she is cute n ready for mischief!
can't cause mischief if you aint cute, its the law U3U
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Love their design:la::la::la:!!
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ah thanks~ it was fun to draw them all out for once lol 
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I love these!!!! OMG omg cry Spaz attack 
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Perfection indeed!! They're both wonderful!!! 
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y... thank you~~~ 
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