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Crackships Pt 1

The first batch of crack complete!

1. Charlie x Gerard requested by :iconthelordofthedorks:
Charlie give the forehead smorch!!! because he is gentleman!!!

2. Charlie x Goliath requested by :icongingerquin:
Lol ok so read in his bio that sometimes goliath faints when overwhelmed which is a problem for people left havin to catch then but not if that person is Charlie Sweets!
Boy is spooky strong! He's one tough cookie!!

3. Makaio x Niko requested by :iconmoonstone27:
Makaio's inner big brother figure is coming out to be there for this lil lady lol

4. Apple Blossom x Rylien requested by: :iconaskthewerewolfprince:
its that anime moment where both go to grab the same thing at the same time
except instead of blushing rylien just goes "I need this" and walks away with it dhjk
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This is adorable tbh uvu
SketchBunnyPlus's avatar
hehe thanks so much >u<
CatowlLatte's avatar
You're very welcome uvu
Askthewerewolfprince's avatar
I'm still laughing cause Rylien 100% would be exactly like that, and poor apple is too caught up in her romance novel moment X'D 
SketchBunnyPlus's avatar
ldfgjkfgkh its literally so perfect though im still dyin over it lolol
rylien is an icon and i stan
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This came out so precious Goliath is just swooned XD
SketchBunnyPlus's avatar
hehe im glad u like it he was fun to draw~ >u<
thanks so much for requestin UoU <3
CaptainDorkster's avatar
Ah they look so cute! I love it! Thanks so much for drawing Gerard with your handsome boy >w<
SketchBunnyPlus's avatar
im glad u like it!!! hehe np~
thanks so much for requestin <3
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Hey, would it be ok if I colour this and upload it to
SketchBunnyPlus's avatar
sure if u wanted to >u<
CaptainDorkster's avatar
cool thanks ^_^
in case you wanted to see it, here…
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Charlie winning hearts:meow: and awww Apple Blossom looks adorable:meow:!

And haha I knew Makaio but omg he looks like a giant compared to Niko and I LOVE IT (okay yes I love couples with size differences 83. So darn cute). Honored and grateful, loved how they came out:la::la:! Well everybody came out great XD
SketchBunnyPlus's avatar
hehe he was sure popular for this round lol
and thank >u<

and yes!! he is the best big bro figure around U3U
and thanks so much for requesting <3<3
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It looks cute I love it! :love:
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im glad u like it! >u<
Universe-Ocean-Blue's avatar
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