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Coconut Family

Two other very important members of the coconut fam!!
Mama Luana and Nona Kona

Luana is the mother of Makaio, Leilani, Kaia, Lala, and Noe. She is known for being very soft hearted and is can be easily be moved to tears due to how deeply her empathy runs. She is where Makaio gets his sweetheart nature from as she too has a deep connection to animals and nature. She is also a recent widower, as her husband, and the children's father, passed away only two years ago. Despite her nature, she was the rock in her family during this time period. She promised her husband before he passed she would protect the heart of their family, and in doing so he was able to pass peacefully with no regrets.

Nona is Luana's mother-in-law and the grandmother to the five children. She is the matriarch of the family and what she says goes. She can be very heard headed (which is where Leilani most likely gets her sharp personality) but overall is fiercely protective of her family. Nona absolutely adores her daughter-in-law Luana and her five grandchildren. She would do anything to protect them, but is also just as likely to embarrass them with stories about themselves and herself to just about anyone she meets. One thing that can be said about Nona? Don't mess with Nona's babies. 
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Omg this makes me so happy QVQ
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(( Aww they are both so precious~ I especially love their head pieces~ ♥️ Q v Q

But Nona Kona has stolen my heart! What a press ol’ lady~ TT v TT))
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this is friggin adorable!
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hehe thanks so much im glad u think so >u< <3
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of course! I gotta give the love over those cute fams!
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They both look adorable, love their designs:D!
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ahh thanks so much!! >u< <3
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awww you're welcome sooo much:aww:
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ooh i love their dresses! and they are so cute especially nona! :heart:
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ahh thanks so much <3
lol i def loved coming up with their outfits >u<
and yesss give nona kona all the love U3U
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They look nice I love them! :love:
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I love Nonas face!!! So cute!
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ahh thanks!! im glad u like it <3 ;u;
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