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Character Concept - Oasis

Made another birb, not a royal just an idea I've had floating around for a while now

Just a quick summary of this young lady: her name is Oasis, she is a peahen who is known as a mystic or seer, through her dance and powers she is able to tell people's fates with a frightening accuracy as well as heal those who are sick or have been injured. She's a rather difficult woman to locate however, as she tends to disappear and reappear in various areas around the desert region she calls home. Many believe her more myth than real. As a person... she doesn't really have the aloof mystic personality you would expect her to have altogether, but she does have her secrets. 

Will post more on her probably soon UoU
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SeiruhDP's avatar
I'm not saying I'm in love...
But I AM in love!! <3
Her desing is so pretty! I can't wait to see more of her omg
SketchBunnyPlus's avatar
haha glad u like her then >u<
i def wanna fet around to using her more~
momoikun's avatar
she's so so so so cute!!
i love her color scheme!! ;; v ;;
SketchBunnyPlus's avatar
aw thank! ;u;
def in love with the colors myself lol
Cladyimoo's avatar
she's is so beautiful!! Heart 
SketchBunnyPlus's avatar
D'aw thank you UoU
Moonstone27's avatar
Absolutely love this:la::la::la:!
SketchBunnyPlus's avatar
I'm glad you do lol ;u;
Silent-Galaxies's avatar
She is gorgeous
SketchBunnyPlus's avatar
Ahhh thank I'm glad you think so ;u;
SweetGelato's avatar
oooo omg shes pretty ah
i love her ;v;
and like the concept behind her too ah hope u keep her 
SketchBunnyPlus's avatar
Thank ;u;
But ye definitely attached to this girls design
Donno how active I'm gonna be with her but def gonna keep her that much is for certain lol
dalyladolly's avatar
What a lovely sassy Lady
SketchBunnyPlus's avatar
Pomp-A-Doodles's avatar
Birb of mystery and enchantments!! 
And also giving false hope to a certain old lady who just wants to see her grandson married XDD
SketchBunnyPlus's avatar
listen, she's only sorta bending the truth 
plus its called being nice! mystic or no shes gotta have manners U3U
not oasis's fault that boy is as a conversationalist as a cactus
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