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Apple Blossom - Poison Apple

Just a new oc concept
Her name is Miss Apple Blossom, a cutsey young lady who works at an apothecary and is most well know known for her pastries and baked goods.
What people don't know about Apple is that she is an poisoner who actually works for an assassins guild. 
She uses her cute charm and tasty treats to get close to her target before slipping them something they won't recover from.
She is very good at her job, so good that no one even knows about it. 
Other than that she is a regular young lady~ she likes going shopping at the market, trying new foods, and reading/daydreaming about romance novels <3 
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Such a cutie QVQ
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look at how adorable she is!!
omg shejhfsdjkhfksjdhf shes an assassin
what a kick ass little lady

we need more ladies like this in the world

also her little feets...i love them so much ;; A ;; shes just so dainty and precious
and she can kick ur ass too//// what a queen <3
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ahh thanks so much!! ;y; 
hehe ye >u< i was just sitting around like welp made ya self another cutie pie ocs how u gon make this one different
and then i was like... murder baby dfghjkhkj

and yes little feets!!! tiny beans, nubbins if u will lololol
im glad u like her though <3
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she looks adorable I love her dress! :love:
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thanks so much!! im glad u think so <3
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Adorable design:aww::meow:
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(( Oh no! *clenches heart* Not only is she REALLY cute, but she’s one of my favorite types of characters~
Sweet and cute girl that you would NEVER suspect would murder you, but CAN and WILL//shot

But I also like that despite what her job is  that she isn’t malicious at all for real. Like she’s not putting on this “regular girl” front on to fool people, (although she isn’t fooling anybody anyway since no one knows about her job, but you know what I’m trying to say lol ; v ; )  so she can “doublecross” them, no, she’s just that way for real. And being a poisoner is just her “job”.

But hggns yeah I love this girlie’s design~ and just the mix of the different shades of reds/pinks and greens are just *chef kiss* ♥️👌))
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ahhhh omg this is so sweet <3
but yeah i was sitting here like hmm u know what would be dope?
a cute girl
you know what would be doper?
lets make her an assassin guild's poisoner on the side hell yeah--
dkghg but thou i think shes more inspired by this manga i saw once where it was this normal girl who accidentally became a hitman but she was still a cute sweet lil thing lolol

but ahhh im so glad u like both her character concept and design im def really happy with it ;u; <3
im def looking forward to developing her more >u<
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*inchoherant jojo noises*

yes. Shes so adorable QAQ
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sfjhkdg lolol 
Im glad u like her >u<
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she came out so cute >V< 
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daw thank so much >u< <3
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