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Worst ahead

Huge mechanical creature, lone survivor... world in ruins etc Cover art for finish metal band John Foe
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how much time it took to finish this?
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I like the design of the machine with a general insect shape and a mammal skull :thumbsup:
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I'm sure you've heard this but it makes me think of either mass effect or fleas
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Oh crap it's a.. Reaper!!!! RRUUUNNN!!!!!!!!!
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From the thumbnail I thought it was a Reaper. But as soon as I saw the full image I realized it wasn't.
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love that colors
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Mass Effect Reaper?
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Veľmi sugestívne, zvlášť ako sa tá vrchná časť toho stroja stráca a splýva s pozadím. A ten kontrast s vysvieteným horizontom je super. Len škoda, že mám widescreen a nemôžem si to poriadne vychutnať. Každopádne... :+fav:
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Looks like the IRS after Obamacare.
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I thought a deafeted the Reapers already...
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"All of us are broken
we are forever flawed
but we cannot let doubt break our courage
fear cloud our mind
we must push on
we must fight
create our own path even though it is hard
make our own destiny when we ours are so uncertain
it is up to us
for we can always do greater
we can be our own heros
our own role model
stand united
stand strong"
B.O.Kamber 2012
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I did art with very similar idea and even pespective, but you do it much epicly c: looks awesome.
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Incredible painting, great sense of scale, superb lighting and great composition!
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mech well detaild, and again, AWESOME!
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Awesome work! I like the colors and detail, nice lens flares as well!
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Hi there!This magnificent piece has been featured here [link] :dalove:
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Really reminds me of Mass Effect 3. But nice work.
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looks like a scene from mass effect >.>

damn u march 6th >.< why wont u get here faster?
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Like the artwork.

But it is too similar to the Reapers from ME3
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