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USS Princeton

Another picture from my alternative universe, American battlecruiser USS Princeton on patrol off the Newfoundland coast.
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Makes me wish I was alive during the time of The Great White Fleet. Nicely done
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amazing, truley amazing
You have such a gift for drawing machinery. And not just the machinery, the mood behind it as well. Amazing.
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What a great piece of art!
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amazing, I love the colors you have chosen and how the ocean has been painted :)
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thanks buddy, i appreciate it...
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Everyone loves a good rustic battleship now and then! show one fireing those fancy guns next time!
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not sure if everyone... but i realy love them:-) check out these books, there are 3 (pre ww1, ww1 and WW2) full of battleships. [link]
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Wow thats pretty neat, course you know Ive always enjoyed your style art, I never have tried it out before myself, but I often imagine scenes of my own in the style you draw lol.

As to ships, I like battleships alot, its a shame about the Bismark sinking IMO (regardless of what it represented and who owned it) I design alot of my own space ship designs around the theme of actual ocean ships...

Thanks for the link!
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pretty awesome, all hand painted?
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this one yes, no photos used. PS CS4 with its rotating canvas is amazing, it is liked a dream.
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yeah once I get a faster computer I'm gonna make the switch to CS4, I tried it once but it was just too laggy to make it worth while, when the only stroke I have trouble with / annoys me is straight up at a slight curve, it always comes out squiggly

impressive that there was no model used =) keep it up
Tell the captin to be on the lookout for Simolian Pirates.
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way to cool....
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great shading dude :)
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Full speed ahead! You certainly poured on the detail in this one and really looks convincing! Excellent stuff!
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Ohhhh, awesome :)
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looks amazing! 12 inch guns? or 15 inch?
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