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April 1, 2009
Imperial Gravity Defiers by *sketchboook

On the one hand it looks funny, on the other one it looks scary. Nevertheless it is a very well painted scene. Make sure to check out the rest of his gallery as well. It is full of inspirational speedpainting.
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Imperial Gravity Defiers

Well... another shiny example of my steampunk obsession:-)
Fleet of British Imperial Gravity Defiers flying over desert city somewhere in Arabia. Huge and well-armed Gravity defiers are the latest and most devilish tools of oppresion in the Imperial Arsenal.
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Steampunk é muito legal gostei dos detalhes esses Gravity Defiers chegam a assustar +fav 
jetlevin's avatar
Noitusan's avatar
Fantastic work! :clap:
kevojy's avatar
Love this one!
Poetjoel's avatar
love how you drew the houses ;)
Raiilin's avatar
Such a strange, marvelous piece of work.
volosblur's avatar
Whoah , I'm impressed . My favorite of the day ;)
RobSlijkhuis's avatar
I like the flying machines; Great concept - very inspiring style! :D
City-of-Zeroes's avatar
These things couldn't be scarier if they had slinky shaped legs with claw feet and brass cog cannons...

Darn those imperialists, always gotta be keepin' a bro-man down!
sketchboook's avatar
legs? i don know... :-)
3TiON's avatar
tie lode su supofky, moe ;)
ShoujouhiKarasu's avatar
The ships have a very unique design, excellent work! :D
sketchboook's avatar
CaptainFolks's avatar
Not oppression my good man, we are merely giving them civilization while keeping them in line. Nothing oppressive about that.

Very cool, I love the design. one question, what are those little red lights?
sketchboook's avatar
spreading of civilization or opression sometimes can be the same thing:-)

i have no idea what are these red lights.. some mechanical "eye" things...?
CaptainFolks's avatar
This is so very true.

I thought they were muzzle flashes, but they looked to small and localized. Any way, I really like it.
barksodaverne's avatar
your designs do kick asses!!
This is awesome! ive been thinking of making a airship for a while and you've inspired me!
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I like the transparency of the the dome part that lets you see the inner workings. Its details like that that make a good picture into a great picture :thumbsup:=D
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