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January 1, 2010
HMS Colossus by ~sketchboook
Featured by gucken
Suggested by ChrisCold
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HMS Colossus

HMS Colossus escorted by HMS Sheffield

Imperial superdreadnought HMS Colossus with her 18inch main guns and 8 gravity defiers armed with bombs or torpedoes cannot be matched with anyting that the Republican Navy can deploy.

Up to 8 gravity defiers Tempest Mk.III are carried in special slots on both sides if the ship and are armed with deadly combination of cannons, Vickers MGs, bobms and torpedoes.
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WOWOWOW love your art man by the way you were talking about armies and things, are these based on a game or series something ?? would love to hear about it :)
sketchboook's avatar
thanks! unfortunately, it is not based on anything... it is just a stand-alone artwork
SplinteredMatt's avatar

Superbly atmospheric, and those ships really scream strength.

Impressive, to say the least. Nice work!
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Wow... Awesome !
Maybe the water is not perfectly realistic, but... I forgive you xD because this scene is EPIC and i'm not at your level at all. I love this :)
Supercactus777's avatar
wow, this is awesome, its old style mixed with sci-fi
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Sweet. I really like this style :D
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Brilliant work. Am I to presume the flying thing is a tempest III?
Bartoleum's avatar
fascinating! and I do love those old dreadnaughts - this is an interesting historic sci-fi theme
baldgoat68's avatar
Excellent, hope they share a better fate than HMS Hood
Great job!
(I especially liked the term "gravity defiers") :D
miloszp's avatar
Whoa, totally awesome. Love it!
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ljakva's avatar
really great!
the-Sleuth's avatar
It will be amazing if there was such a ship like this.
JamesF63's avatar
Amazing imagination you have! (sorry, that sounded like how Yoda would have spoken)
sketchboook's avatar
no problem, i like yoda...:-)
Akimbo-8kZgjXpbaux's avatar
I'm a huge fan of 'alternative universe' things, and I have to say, you nailed it :D
RobSlijkhuis's avatar
Great work! Impressive :D
FourMindz's avatar
very cooooooool:D!
seifertacko's avatar
I just the way ure matte things realistic in the naked eyes..dude,u rock!
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