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Battle for Reykjavik

USS Sacramento Bay battling German steamphips in the battle in norther atlantic during the Transatlantic war in 1901.
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Robert Conroy fan?
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This has to be my favorite! I'm a big fan of naval battles! 
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Nice, I take it this is from a world where Operational Plan Three was given the go-ahead?
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thanks, what is operational plan 3?
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It was a plan for the German empire to shell Manhattan and capture Boston that was abandoned in 1907. Here is a wikipedia page.
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what?:-) never heard about it, thats pretty crazy!! thanks
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Very welcome.
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This is Awesome, World War I marked the end of 150 years of unchalanged Naval supremecy for the British.

(As far as I know, and I may be wrong?)
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yeah... that true... but not in "my" alternative history:-)
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The front of this ship reminds me of the Nautilius ship from League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. Nice work!
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that shape was very common for cruisers, battleships and pre-dreadnoughts from
late 19th century and early 20th century. The idea was to create strong edge-like ram which can be used for ramming weaker enemy vessels. It was very popular in military shipbuilding but it wasnt very succesful in combat:-)
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But Sacramento is inland.
There is no bay...LOL.
Beautiful work friend...
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thanks, no problem... btw congrats, you are the first one who noticed it:) In this fictive world sacramento bay can be anywhere else...
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And your speed paint of tanks in Prague in 1968 brought back that scary,crazy time.
I was in Paris when the news broke,traveling across France by motorcycle at age 15...
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Nice paintining =D.
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Dude, this is sweet. You should draw more sea battles.
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I've been looking for an image like this for MONTHS to use as wallpaper. Is there a hi-res version?
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send me an email... i can do something about it:-)
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Done - check your Notes and thank you. :)
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What the hell is the Atlantic war 1901 ?? LOL
Anyway, awesome drawing !
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