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Lemme guess: it's the pseudo-legendary of Pokemon: Paragon/Renegade. At least it's not another dragon.
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Yahgoni: The Imp Pokemon. Yahgoni's fires are fueled by their calorie intake. A Yahgoni with raging fires is very healthy. Because of this, they will use their fire to threaten humans and other Pokemon into giving up their food.

Lv. 45 -->

Diaghlo: The Demon Pokemon. Diaghlo are ruthless creatures with hunger for both food and destruction. Diaghlo are obsessed with dominance, often challenging larger Diaghlo to battles in order to prove their superiority.
The small one reminds me of Jacki saying "They were smaller in my time".
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Swarusm: bug
Colhorder: ghost/bug
Colbinger: ghost/bug

Reatroyer: steel/dark
Reanaza: steel/dark

Japrotheen: psychic
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You're pretty close!
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I really like the take on making Yahg as infernals, Diablo in this case. Great idea :D

Just my guesses which you dont have to comment on. Protheans will be in my opinion Ghost and Psychic, because they are biotics too, and Ghost because they are... well, ghosts from the past :D And Reapers will be Dark and Steel. Steel is obvious, and Dark... Reapers are dark and evil :D
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seems about right
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That's fuckin' cool.
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You're really pumping these out now.
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