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Varenaw: The Jaw Pokemon. Varenaw are pack hunters that specialize in ambush tactics, though they can be domesticated with care and lots of food. They were once only native to the Tuchank Area, but have since spread around the globe.

Level 25 -->

Varenash: The Jaw Pokemon. Varenash have jaws strong enough to chew through steel. These Pokemon are ruthless hunters that tear into their prey mercilessly. We wouldn't recommended trying to domesticate a fully-grown Varenash without a Pokeball.
Hello? Have you seen QoroQ?
Go to Cerberus Daily News, the official Mass Effect RP site, and there's a creature called QoroQ. Ask about it, and see of you can make a Fakemon.
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Hey, is it okay if I make a character based off this Fakémon? :meow:
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Knock yourself out.
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Okay, thanks!
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Didnt responded to Husks and Keeper, really interesting choices :)

Brute Husk, making him rather that he has an eye in the stomach and the "head" is just some appendage, interesting :) Ravager Husk, he looks both scary and funny :D
Combining three races that are not related at all, very creative :D Thought the crab may have had some colors from Keeper to more associate them together under same family, but not too much.
And not Varren, kinda looks like Poochiena, merged with Totodile and Perian :D Maybe just give him darker sclera could work too? I wonder.

The approach that you are showing makes me now excited for the other ME races :D Pyjaks, the orange money-stealing cows (yep, they do that :D), Thrasher Maw, maybe even that mysterious draconian skull :D Did I asked if you couldnt also make "human" Pokemons? Just for the fun, some apes in medieval armors that looks like Alliance, and Cerberus? :D Or otherwise based on Alliance and Cerberus?
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