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It's Mass Effective!: Turian

I finally get to bring my two favorite game franchises, Mass Effect and Pokemon, together!

This evolution line is inspired by the turian race: (…)

Good ol' turians. I made them a steel/flying type due to their metallic carapace and avian inspiration. I also like the parallel of a steel type turian used to beat a rock type krogan. Anyway, more ME Pokemon coming soon!

Asari: (…)
Salarian: (…)
Krogan: (…)
Quarian: (…)
Drell: (…)
Batarian: (…)
Geth: (…)
Vorcha: (…)
Volus: (…)
Rachni: (…)
Elcor: (…)
Hanar: (…)
Yahg: (…)
Collector: (…)
Husk: (…)
Other Husks: (…)
Keeper: (…)
Varren: (…)
Space Cow: (…)
Pyjak: (…)
Mech: (…)
Thorian: (…)
Harvester: (…)
Prothean: (…)
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I love gender differences in Pokemon. It makes them more natural and seem more like actual animals. 
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You should made pokemon versions of the humans and had the Protheans be the trainers.
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Sorry but I am not that good at drawing and I'm not sure what Protheans are. I'm guessing it has something to do with Mass Effect. 
godfre's avatar
The precursor race when all the current species in ME were still pre-sapient. Also what would be the humans class and what type would they be?
elmsi's avatar
Since I don't know anything about Mass Effect and I am not the artist that would draw it if I did, I have no comment. 
Carbadonia101's avatar
This actually looks like it could be a Pokemon xD
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Turaptor: The Avian Pokemon. Turaptors flock in large groups to scavenge for food. Their steel carapaces make for excellent defence against predators.

Lv. 32 -->

Rapturian: The Warrior Pokemon: Rapturian are fierce fighters with hard shells and sharp claws. A large flock is capable of levelling a building when angered.
SgtPrice1000's avatar
I'm dying!!!! They're sooo cute!!!!
Fieta's avatar
I want this in my party, and as a plushie XD
avenger09's avatar
Now I want to know what the Drell and Prothean's will look like as Pokemon. Well the Prothean will most likely be a Mew like Pokemon with a powerful psychic scan. But I still want to see one. 
Seraphi91's avatar
Awwww so cute I want one. .3.
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