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It's Mass Effective!: Quarian

I finally get to bring my two favorite game franchises, Mass Effect and Pokemon, together!

This evolution line is inspired by the quarian race: (…)

This was probably the hardest design to pull off but I'm happy with the result. I decided to go with a grass/electric type because of quarians symbiotic nature with plants and their expertise with technology. Anyway, more ME Pokemon coming soon!

Asari: (…)
Salarian: (…)
Turian: (…)
Krogan: (…)
Drell: (…)
Batarian: (…)
Geth: (…)
Vorcha: (…)
Volus: (…)
Rachni: (…)
Elcor: (…)
Hanar: (…)
Yahg: (…)
Collector: (…)
Husk: (…)
Other Husks: (…)
Keeper: (…)
Varren: (…)
Space Cow: (…)
Pyjak: (…)795)
Mech: (…)
Thorian: (…)
Harvester: (…)
Prothean: (…)
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Keelah se'lai...
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you know, it's kind of funny that you made them grass types. When Tali described her people's original immune system more as "assimilating and adaptive" and later Grunt mentiong Quarians were not "soft" I actually thought they might be a dendric people under their suits.
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That first one.... Reminds me of a Deku Shrub xD
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Quariphyll: The Drifter Pokemon. Quariphyll are nomadic Pokemon that live in tightly knit groups that are constantly on the move. Their bodies are extremely delicate and thus must always be wrapped in leaf armor.

Lv. 29 -->

Quaribloom: The Drifter Pokemon. Quaribloom are incredibly intelligent, able to channel their electrical energy through conductive plant armor. They possess a deep rivalry with the Robomber line for reasons unknown.
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I shall name her...Taleaf.
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Taleaf Flora? ;)
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These are fantastic! I hope you'll have inspirations for more!
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