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Gotta say, all these different characters/creatures/robots turned into Pokemon are really neat!
I thought they were arthropods.
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Prothy: The Avatar Pokemon. Prothy thrived around the world approximately 50 000 years ago before being wiped out by a mysterious calamity. Their psychic powers provided them a great advantage over other species.

Lv. 30 -->

Prothatar: The Avatar Pokemon. Prothatar were the apex species of their time. Their psychic abilities allowed them to read the minds of other Pokemon, allowing them to predict their movements. It is said that they turned other Pokemon into their slaves.
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I wonder if the dark-type pokemon like crawdaunt were the only capable of prey on them...
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Leviathan Pokemon:


Type: Water/Psychic

Ability: Pressure
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A little late to the party on that one, pal. He already made a Leviathan Pokemon.
So I'm guessing the signature move on this one is Airlock.
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List this on EXTREMELY RARE. This would be one heck of a challenge just to find one.
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one of the abilities is protean.....genius 
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I couldn't resist XD
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AAAHHH!!! I get it! This is awesome!
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Little bit more of samurai touch wouldnt hurt :P Bu its great :D Thought little... bare.
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I bet there will be one species you'll forget ;)
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