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It's Mass Effective!: More Husks

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Use Dragon's Tooth (Turaptor) -->

Zombrute: The Brute Husk Pokemon. After being corrupted by a dragon's tooth, Turaptors mutate into Zombrutes. Zombrutes are much bigger and slower than Rapturians and rely on brute strength to overwhelm their opponents. They are extremely aggressive and will attack anything not under the corruption of a dragon's tooth.

Use Dragon's Tooth (Rachnid) -->

Ravageist: The Ravager Pokemon. After being corrupted by a dragon's tooth, Rachnids mutate into Ravageists. Ravageists can fire blasts of energy from their upper talons and release swarms of tiny corrupted Rachnids from their pouches. Ravageists tend to invade Rachnid nests in order to kidnap the queen and use her to make more Rachnids simply to turn them into Ravageists.
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This series is so incredible. I have no words. Well, few words, as it were. :XD:

Keep it up, can't wait to see what else you have planned! :D (For instance, human-pokemon would be really interesting.)
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Haha thanks!

Can't say I have any ideas for a human Pokemon, but I've considered making a pic for "Team Cerberus" or something.
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That's a pretty neat idea. It feels like you're practically done and all, other than maybe the Reapers? I'll have to look at the list again. :XD: Point is, I was trying to think of something you hadn't done yet, and only humans came to mind.