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It's Mass Effective!: Mech

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We need more Steel-types like this.

I can just see Minimech wagging it's tail like a dog. Adorable
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Minimech: The Mechanical Pokemon: One of the first Pokemon to be entirely artificial, Minimech are playful robots who act very much like Growlithe, seeking attention and play from their trainers. Despite their small frame, Minimech are still capable of smashing through solid concrete.

Level 23 -->

Medimech: The Mechanical Pokemon: An upgrade of Minimech, Medimech possesses much higher cognitive functions than its pre-evolution, being able to think on the level of a human being. Medimechs are ready and wiling to help humans in whatever task they may have for it. 

Level 45 -->

Gigamech: The Mechanical Pokemon: Gigamechs are the final upgrade to the mech family, able to think as fast as a supercomputer and capable of lifting a ten-tonne tank. Gigamechs were designed for war, but usually prefer a peaceful outcome in order to minimize loss of life.
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Heavy Metal huh? :headbang:
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the middle and final stages dont change enough. it just gets bigger
We have real pokemon like this,like voltorb,metang and seel
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That's just, like, your opinion man. 
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true. so take it or leave it. its a good design, great even, could be better tho.
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It's like Grimer and Muk. They don't change, they just get bigger.
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or poliwhirl and poliwrath. bigger with angry eyes
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Voltorb and Electrode: one gets bigger, flips upside down and starts smiling more often.
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this de me smile. XD
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