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It's Mass Effective!: Krogan

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Krubble: The Rubble Pokemon. Krubble love to roll about with their round bodies. If they gather enough speed they can cause serious damage to nearby property.

Lv. 27 -->

Krecker: The Fighting Pokemon. Krecker love to fight whatever they can find, human or Pokemon. Krecker will often challenge opponents much bigger than itself, but refuse to fight those smaller.

Lv. 40 -->

Krolder: The Battlemaster Pokemon. Krolder are extremely aggressive and love to headbutt anything and everything. Krolder's headbutts can cause a bruse if done lightly, but punch through steel at full force.
it's decent but it needs more variation in colors because it almost looks like a golem ripoff (especially krubble), think of red or blue rock armor colors and more reddish sclera on the eyes.
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Doyou plan on making pokedex data for each of your mass effective creations?..just curious..btw awesome work on all of them
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I've thought of a couple but I haven't really bothered.
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Ah ok i was only curious :)
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Krubble is so cute, I can hardly take it.
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HAHAHA I hope they don't breed as virulently! Oh god someone get the pokephage!
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In all honesty the pun for your series title is what brought me here xD kudos to you for thinking this up!
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lol, just in the small preview image, I saw, I thought the last one looked like a Krogan, then I saw the title, lol
Good work, :D
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last one looks cool but maybe need something to make it look a bit more different from the second stage, like maybe a horn like growth on the forehead and ones on the wrist guantlets
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