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It's Mass Effective!: Keeper

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The pod crabs were the ones looking like if they were taken from Code Lyoko, right?
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Bittle: The Beetle Pokemon. Bittles are tiny insect-like Pokemon that thrive in towns and cities. They feed mostly on plants, but are omnivorous and will eat anything they can get their legs on. Despite their ravenous tendencies, Bittles are very vigilant and, if fed regularly, will drive other bug Pokemon away from a home.

Level 20 -->

Kreeper: The Technician Pokemon. It's rare to visit any town or city without spotting a Kreeper strolling down the street. These docile and friendly Pokemon are often seen walking alongside humans they've befriended. Kreepers are also quick learners, allowing them to perform household chores while the owners are out.

Use Water Stone -->

Crawlure: The Water Crab Pokemon. Exposing a Bittle to a water stone results in a Crawlure. Crawlure aren't as sociable as Kreepers and are far more effective in battle. Crawlure have tough shells and can shoot pressurized water out of several hidden cannons.
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just a suggestion but.....shifty looking cow?(it's an easter egg)
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Already drawn my friend. It has pickpocket as it's ability ;)
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I wonder what a Reaper Pokemon would look like.
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I'm saving the reaper for last, but hopefully it's worth the wait.
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Looking forward to it.
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Yeah I like the method when you will the Bug/Water one! Cool! I also draw Fakémon, maybe you could check them? :D
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AMAZING JOB!! wish I was a s good as you.
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