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Name origin? please?
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I love your work, your pokemon crossovers are fanominal, I freaking love them, please keep it up! ^^
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Huskorpse: The Reanimated Pokemon. Huskorpses are aggressive Pokemon that attack anything that moves. They're said to be made from Humans captured by Inseekts and are often sighted near hives. They're very strong and can fight opponents much larger than itself.

Lv. 33 -->

Phannibal: An enhanced Huskorpse, Phannibal are even tougher and can fire energy blasts at its enemies. Phannibals also seem slightly more intelligent, not attacking large groups head-on. They instead wait until people are isolated to attack. 

Trade -->

Pulvergeist: A massive Huskorpse that is intensely antagonistic toward humans. Pulvergeist are strong enough to lift a car and aren't afraid to charge into small towns in hopes of destroying everything.
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With such entries what happen when thy're caught? They respect their trainer?
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Given how aggressive and/or dangerous the Pokedex makes certain Pokemon out to be, I don't see it as too much of a stretch.
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I love all of your Pokedex entries!
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:) Glad to hear it! I'll do more when I have time!
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looking forward to it!
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never thought someone would be able to make husks cute
Give it Flame Charge, and make the shiny version fiery red, and you've got yourself an Abomination! I may miss some Scion elements on that, them being Super Cannibals and all that, but Adjuntants are cool too, and the designs are flawless, so all I have to say is good work!

(And Ghost/Fighting is a damn fine typing)
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I adore every single one you do. Wish I could just copy/paste that into my game!
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Excellent :D Thought color-wise they could have it closer to the Banshee Pokemon :) But its already good as it is :D
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this is very cool, can you do halo species?
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Thanks. I actually have all the halo series done, but I'm postponing them for now.
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On one hand I don't want you to stop making these, but on the other I'm afraid you'll run out of characters :/
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Don't worry, we still have new species in Andromeda to look forward to!
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awesome! If i may ask, why ghost fighting? Why not ghost steel or steel dark?
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Ghost fighting just sounds like a good zombie typing to me. :)
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ah, ok then. XD
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