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i wish i could see them in original game, they are awesome
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Luminar: The Jelly Pokemon. Luminar drift through rivers and streams without much of a care most of the time. When provoked, however, Luminar will attack a foe with toxin that paralyzes foes. They're quite popular in aquariums. 

Lv. 34 -->

Hankindler: The Enkindler Pokemon. Hankindler have the ability to summon fire from an unknown source, though it's often speculated to be spiritual in nature. Hankindler are often depicted in ancient carvings as saviors and holy figures.
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I believe the fire type is more for their constant talk of the Enkindlers.  I enjoy the visual pun myself.
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Looks great :) But maybe Electric type would be better than Fire? Thought I see the chandelier :) Electric because it reminds me one unit from Heroes of Might & Magic and jellyfishes can "paralyze you". 
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Would've gone for psychic/water or water/fairy if I'd done these ones.

Still, the whole set is awesome. (Kinda disappointed that Turians aren't fighting-types though.)
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Oooooh, I get it now! Kindle :D English is not my native language.
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Water/Fire, now there's an entirely contradictory Pokemon if I ever saw one XD  I love all of these Mass Effect Pokemon, they're so cute, and really just very clever. I've enjoyed all of these you've made so far a whole lot.
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That means a lot. Thanks!
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You're quite welcome :D
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This one is quite surprised at the creativity this artist has demonstrated.
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Thanks you big stupid jellyfish! :)
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