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The Robomber looks really cute :D
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Robomber: The Synthetic Pokemon. Robombers hover in the air with magnetic fields and drop electric orbs on top of their opponents. Robombers become far more motivated when in groups.

Lv. 25 -->

Syntrooper: The Synthetic Pokemon. Some believe that the Syntroopers were created by Quaribloom to protect their colonies. The Quaribloom supposedly treated the Syntroopers poorly and they rebelled. 

Trade -->

Colossigeth: The Synthetic Pokemon. Colossigeth were the result of experimentation by the Syntroopers. Colossigeth are tough enough to withstand a truck running into it at full speed.
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Idea: have a pair or quad of these together, and their special move would be Consensus: increase speed, defense, and special attack for as long as connection remains!
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Nice idea. Put it in.
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It's both funny and cute at the same time! Appreciating your drawing
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Omg, so adorable! Awwwwww!
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This is a really cool series :)
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I'm glad you like it!
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