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I'm writing a Pokémon Mass Effect cross over may I use all your Pokémon designs, please?
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In glee: The baby Elcor Pokemon is quite adorable.
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Elcalf: The Easygoing Pokemon. Elcalf live in tightly-knit herds that move at a slow and steady pace. Their stubby little legs don't allow it to move very much, so they are usually seen riding on their parents' backs.

Lv. 42 -->

Seismelcor: The Easygoing Pokemon. Seismelcor are massive, but very friendly Pokemon often seen letting smaller Pokemon ride on their backs. Their massive arms are strong enough to pull trucks.
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I want an elcalf!! So adorable!!!
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Impressed: These look amazing.
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Wait--mega evolving INTO slow start? Why would anyone possibly *want* that ability?
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The elcalf is simply too cute : can I use that name in my fan fiction?
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I don't see why not.
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Now that's a living tank!
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You want to know what's terrible about this: I ALMOST mistook the elcor for an animal you ride back in the first game (clicking on it only to have it speak kinda killed the urge to jump on it's back and go "High Ho, Silver!  AWAY!!!")
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Damn yo. that was fast! And amazing!
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