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It's Mass Effective!: Drell

More Mass Effect Pokemon!

This evolution line is inspired by the drell race: (…)

I got the idea in my head of a lizard detaching its tail and using it as a whip/flail from Thane saying that he views his body apart from his soul and his body is a "weapon". Just my literal interpretation I guess, haha. I also think it would be funny if this pokemon were to "forget" one of it's moves, considering drell remember everything. Anyway, more ME Pokemon coming soon!

Asari: (…)
Salarian: (…)
Turian: (…)
Krogan: (…)
Quarian: (…)
Batarian: (…)
Geth: (…)
Vorcha: (…)
Volus: (…)
Rachni: (…)
Elcor: (…)
Hanar: (…)
Yahg: (…)
Collector: (…)
Husk: (…)
Other Husks: (…)
Keeper: (…)
Varren: (…)
Space Cow: (…)
Pyjak: (…)
Mech: (…)
Thorian: (…)
Harvester: (…)
Prothean: (…)
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Maybe include a fighting type. There said to be much strong then humans after all
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Loving that tail evolution :D
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Dryll: The Desert Pokemon. Dryll can remember every detail of their landscape perfectly. As such, they often adopt large plots of land as their own territory to claim the sparse resources as their own.

Lv. 31 -->

Ampudrell: The Desert Pokemon. They can detach and reattach their tails at will, often using them as weapons or tools. Using their idetic memories, Ampudrell will often act as guides for those lost in the desert.
Taliesin-Kyoshi's avatar
Oh wow! These two are adorable!

Quick question tho'. Would they also be Dragon-type as well as Ground-type? Since drell are the only reptilian race seen in the ME games. 
Sketch-BGI's avatar
Thanks! I'd prefer to keep them purely ground. But I do have a dragon type mass effect Pokemon in mind ;)  
ChaosGraceful's avatar
and some how no one realized it was obviously the reapersDeath 
Jokerz-1824's avatar
Can't wait to see what the Elcor or the Hanar will look like next.
Cynthita's avatar
So conflicted in where to put this: pokemon or ME!!!?
Sketch-BGI's avatar
The struggle is real. I don't even know what groups to put them in.
Psychic secondary type maybe? Still, neat concept, loving this whole series.
Malevolancy's avatar
I think that an ability that is related to their eidetic memory would be sick like "When this pokemon moves run out of pp, instead of struggling all moves regain 1pp at the cost of one turn."
Sketch-BGI's avatar
Yeah, there really aren't any cannon abilities that fit drell all that much. Good idea though!
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Shouldn't you add poison in the description too, since Drells has poisonous skin

No offense, like your design
Sketch-BGI's avatar
I thought about it, but their poison isn't dangerous it just causes minor hallucinations. Plus I didn't want to have too many poison types. It would definitely be able to learn poison moves though! Thanks!
sidekick101's avatar
I'm certain that Hanar will be water type!
Fieta's avatar
All of the yes
alorix's avatar
This is fantastic. I was about to say, shouldn't it be a water type but i remembered that Drell don't do well in wet places. awesome work
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