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Inseekt: The Seeker Pokemon. Inseekt act as mindless drones for Praetorisect, seeking out prey to bring back to their hives. Inseekt use a toxin that sends their prey into a bizarre form of stasis. They then excrete a cocoon-like substance around their prey for easy transportation. A Pokeball seems to override a Praetorisect's command, however.

Lv. 18 -->

Colsector: The Collector Pokemon. Colsector serve under Praetorisect as foot soldiers and workers. What exactly they do in their massive hives is unknown, as they attack anything that comes within 20 feet of it with their shark claws and strange dark powers.

Lv. Up With Indoctrinate in Moveset -->

Praetorisect: The Praetorian Pokemon. Praetorisect is an enigmatic Pokemon that rarely shows itself in the wild. From what scientists have learned from captured pre-evolutions, Praetorisect is capable of controlling Inseekt and Colsector through a form of telepathy. For what purpose the Praetorians command their underlings to kidnap other Pokemon and people is unknown.
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We would need team rocket's meowth as translator to further research
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What does 'Indoctrinate' do as a move? 🤔
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You have to use your imagination...
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Absolutely awesome. The 2nd and 3rd stages are particularly good.
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Would one of their moves be "Direct Control" where, when in a team fight, they could temporarily make one opponent Pokémon attack another?
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This fits them quite well! Good!
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These are so cool!
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I like the middle stage
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Excellent! :D Thought Praetorisect may have some armor on the underbelly, a tiny bit. And maybe a second evolution line that would be like Collector Captain, with some horns and thorns but mostly stay as Colsector :)
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I'm happy with it as it is :) 
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:) Cant wait for the Reapers, and Thrasher Maw :D

Its little sad that Bioware never showed us how a race of Raloi looked like, its only mentioned in one journal but irs something that really caught me attention :)
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Yeah I was disappointed as well. Maybe when they reveal them I'll do a pokemon based on it. 
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I doubt they will do that ever :(
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Maybe that's the female version of Colsector? The Turians had different looks for males and females...
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Collectors were repurposed as insects, and insects dont have a sense of gender like other animals. They dont have a gender, but rather a breed. And Collectors were Protheans, and there is no implication Protheans had visually distinct genders like Turians :)

I was more thinking along the way of Poliwrath/Politoad or Snobro/Slowking. Two alternate lines.
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Oh yeah, because if there's one series that keeps the rules of biology exactly correct, it would have to be Pokemon. Yep, no blatant, glaring violations of the rules of biology there.
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Digimon are second. These are biology and genetics throwing out into a trash can. :)

In Pokemon you can explain biology by more ways, thought I am not sure what you mean?
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Just got husks and Reapers left, IIRC...
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Trust me, there's a lot more coming haha
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Oh yeah, the Thorian, the Keepers, MAYBE the Raloi, Definitely the Protheans (as a fossil pokemon?)...
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Dammit!  Now I'm gonna want to catch these fakemon!  Curse your AWESOMENESS!!!
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I like the second stage! :)
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