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It's Mass Effective!: Asari

I finally get to bring my two favorite game franchises, Mass Effect and Pokemon, together!

This evolution line is inspired by the asari race: (…)

I decided to follow the idea of the maiden to matriarch transformation in asari biology, as well as adding an alternate evolution for a banshee.  I would imagine they would use moves like sweet kiss, barrier, and shadow ball. Anyway, more ME Pokemon coming soon!

Salarian: (…)
Turian: (…)
Krogan: (…)
Quarian: (…)
Drell: (…)
Batarian: (…)
Geth: (…)
Vorcha: (…)
Volus: (…)
Rachni: (…)
Elcor: (…)
Hanar: (…)
Yahg: (…)
Collector: (…)
Husk: (…)
Other Husks: (…)
Keeper: (…)
Varren: (…)
Space Cow: (…)
Pyjak: (…)
Mech: (…)
Thorian: (…)
Harvester: (…)
Prothean: (…)
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I just now noticed that their "legs" look a lot like the Asari head crests.
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Mermaiden: The Maiden Pokemon. Mermaiden are known for playfully dancing around their aquatic homes. They are friendly towards any creature that enters it's territory.

Lv. 20 -->

Mermatron: The Matron Pokemon. They are known to gather in large congregations to care for young Mermaiden and keep them out of danger.

Lv. 35 -->

Mermatriarch: The Matriarch Pokemon. These Pokemon are the oldest and wisest of the Mermaiden family, revered by its pre-evolutions for its years of experience and powerful attacks.

Use Dragon's Tooth (Mermatron)

Ardatshee: The Banshee Pokemon. Corrupted by a dragon's tooth, Mermatron are twisted into an Ardatshee. All of them are extremely hostile towards other Pokemon except those also corrupted by dragon's teeth.
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Murmaider, murmaider, murmaider, murmaider!
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This is so cool! And I love the idea of a Reaper/husk spike as an evolutionary item! 
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Looks at the one in the middle, "Liara is that you?"
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That's a dragons tooth isn't it?
Dashing-notes's avatar
Mermaiden!So cute :D (Big Grin) 
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Actually looking at Ardatshee, I want to ask, will you also make all the Reaper-ed soldiers of ME races into Fakemons? Like Brute-rock Krogan, Marauder-avian Turian, etc.?
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This is so fucking Cute, I dont tihnk that this can be legal
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What I love most about these is how easily they could be seen as legitimate concept art for ME-ish pokemon in terms of the design.
Sketch-BGI's avatar
Thanks! I'm trying my best to copy the Sugimori art style. 
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Hehe, interesting concept.
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Look at all those tentacles. Shepard would definitely fish out one of those.
avenger09's avatar
Looks like something this one hugs in her sleep.…

The cute ones not the Banshee. 
Oh my god, so adorable and cool! I love it!!
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This is the best thing! I absolutely adore all of these, and the names are very clever!
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