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A Song of Blue and Red: White Walkers

For my latest Pokemon crossover series I'm doing my favorite TV show Game of Thrones!
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Each one of these adaptations of the world of ice and fire in the pokemon universe are awesome and unique in their own way, apart from being completely faithful to the spirit of both franchises. I have some questions, though. Would you consider to make the mega evolution for some of the characters? Are the weirwoods or the children of the forest (or both) going to be included somewhen in the future?

Hey guy, nice work.  I'm making a pokémon game and I want to know if you would allow me to use the Game of THrones pokémon you've created. Can I use it?
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How about Dragon Age Pokemon next?
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So... Damn... Awesome...
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nice got designs you have

it was published in Dorkly and a wild comment appears with its abbilities:

"Time for some Pokemon Abilities

Greyjoy Line- If this pokemon is revived after fainting in battle, it's physical attack is increased by 50%

Tyrell Line- Every time a Pokemon on this Pokemon's team faints it's special attack increases by 50%

Stark Line- All other weather conditions are canceled and it begins snowing. This ability can not be negated by another pokemon ability

Targaryen Line- Each turn there is a 50% chance of this Pokemon becoming confused or having it's special attack increase by 50%

Lannister Line- Double the ammount of money you win after a battle

Tully Line- In tag duels all attacks are directed towards this Pokemon.

Martell Line- This Pokemon's stats can't be lowered by attacks, effects, or abilities.

Baratheon Line- Out of Battle Effect: 50% chance that an egg from this line will hatch into a Lannistone

Frey Line- In double battles there is a 50% chance this Pokemon's attack will strike one of your Pokemon. If this happens this Pokemon can't faint for 3 turns (It's health will only drop to 1 HP)

Arryn Line- 50% chance this POkemon will faint before you even enter a battle. (Hidden Ability: Moomoo Milk fully heals Pokemon)

Bolton Line- If a Pokemon that fainted had a held item this Pokemon will automatically take it

Night's Watch- This Pokemon can not be put to sleep (His watch will not end until he faints)

The Others Line- When this Pokemon makes a foe faint the foe is revived and used by this Pokemon."
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these are all pretty cool but can I offer some ideas
*Brambriar (the tyrell one) instead of SP ATK boost from fainting its ability is an increase in the effectiveness of support moves or say a built in ingrain, as the tyrells are the kind to take the slow path to victory
*Tempestag (baratheon) just a constant confused state as being crazy in one form or an other is something all the brothers share
What about mix between Pokémon and H.P. Lovecraft?
Amazing work ! :) Could you make spritesheets of those ? Just like in pokemon games? ^^ This would be awesome!
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Looks more like the skeletal spectres I thought the White Walkers looked like when I read the books, rather than the generic ring wraiths in the TV show.
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have you planned any more? Dothraki? High Sparrows? Unsullied? Songs of Harpyies? Manderly, Reed, Mormont?
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I only planned on doing the great houses, night's watch, and ww. Someone paid me to do a Forrester 'mon so I may post that soon.
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I'd think Ice/Fairy would make more sense, since they've been compared to the Sidhe, but these look awesome

Maybe the female counterparts could be part fairy type, you know, since the night queen did canonically what sidhe are supposed to do, bewitch mortals (the night king in this case) and bound them to their will

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Those are so cool! I'll show them to my dad he's a huge GOT fan.

Do you think you could do a Fallout/Pokémon crossover?
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I've considered it but my knowledge of fallout is pretty limited. I'm more of a TES guy.
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I could be your councilor!
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