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I guess I missed Monday. Did Monday miss me?
Okay, So that kind of sounds weird. Strut and promenade are synonymous, to a degree, but not entirely interchangeable.
This afternoon my family (Minus the two members who are out of state) strutted the deserted streets of Nowhere Much, Oklahoma. Most of the stores were closed, but of the four that were open, we visited three and talked to the owners.
My younger brother got his hair cut yesterday, and it looks adorable, and then I let him borrow my camera and he wouldn't give it back, so I had to steal the one that my dad was using to take pictures.
We got weird looks, because I was wearing a white fur coat (Hint: that's not standard in Nowhere Much) and my other younger brother was in his full costume regalia. *shrug* Weird looks don't kill you, apparently.
Too bad I deleted the notice about the text contest, because I actually want to enter that and I can't figure out where to find it for the life of me. You know, the one that is deadline  May 15th.
Oh, well.
It has been a dry spring for photography. I've already taken pictures of everything that's interesting.
Maybe I should take more pictures of my youngest brother. He won't mind.
My mom had the brilliant idea to have a karaoke party last night because it's just 'us kids'.
It didn't happen last night, but we did it this morning. I got distracted in the middle of making popcorn and didn't realize until the smoke alarm went off. It was fine, though, because I hadn't put the corn in yet. In fact, it popped faster and was more consistent because the pan was really hot when I put the kernels in.

Since last week, I've developed an obsession with the BBC series Sherlock (we don't have a tv, we have dvd's) not at all impeded by the fact that I was knitting wristwarmers. I like to watch a movie while I knit, so I got to watch the first season over and over and over. I had to do two, and the first one was too big, so I had to do it over again.

The other thing that's happened is that I've started actually listening to the dance stations on iTunes Radio. I've always loved dance, but been too scared to listen to it on the radio.
So yeah, I'm listening to Turn Me On by David Guetta right now.
Hey, wassup? Becka is now in control of the deviantART, so all shall tremble in fear before the year is out. Just thought you should be warned.