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I've been meaning to do a series of posters of the split personalities of the main characters, but haven't been able to get around to it until now.
Here, of course, is "Psychoshy".

The main image is just a screen grab of the final episode, with the Fluttershy vector coming from :iconqsteel: and the cutie mark from :iconblackgryph0n:

Sticking with throwing a texture over it, because everything turns out too 'flat' without it, in my opinion.

Fun fact: I almost uploaded this with "Psycho" misspelled as "Psyco". Was only when I was typing up the description did I catch myself. :P (Never ever trust your spelling kids, at least mine :) )

I'm kinda rambling 'cause this thing is taking ages to upload...
And it's done. Finally :D

Hasbro owns the ponies, not me. Obviously.
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This is what you get when you turn Piter de Vries into a pony. I'm even questioning my decision to surname her "Zuckerman".