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At a Park downtown Mikaels best buddy Lars "Lasse" Grönborg is intended to meet up with hes friend.
But the meeting goes to extreme when Mikael crashes down, unharmed to the harmed Snow that flies all over Lasse.

Lasse : What kind of crazy idea is it this time? The Empire Strikes Back!

Mikael : I got the perfect idea Lasse! You are not going to believe this!

Lasse : Oh im filled with belief, you didnt just fly as of now over here? For my sake and everything..

Mikael : Are you upset about that with Daniel?

Lasse : Yeah, no.. maybe! Did you have to own him that hard? You freaked everybody out back there.

Mikael : Heheh.. you seen nothing yet buddy! Im going to freak out some more!

Lasse : Like how? Working as a Snowpplow?

Mikael : Listen Lasse! I am going to kill Chuck Norris!

Lasse : Do i even have to pretend i didnt hear that..!

Mikael : Its my best idea ever!!

Lasse : Why is it not a lousy childish idea? Cant wait..

Mikael : Havent you read all the facts about him?

Lasse : Yeah, he is a Tranformer, he bakes Nuclear Bombs to hes Grandmother and shoots down German Planes with hes Finger.
       Do you believe everything you read on the Internet?

Mikael : They are facts, Lasse! I am going to kill Chuck Norris, do you have any problems with that?

Lasse : Lets pretend i just heard you correctly... What is the point Micke? Or is that too difficult?

Mikael : Imagine to be a God like him! I am going to enslave Matti and Daniel, and be the Presidentoo of Sweden! Buy a new Sportscar aswell. Pretty cool...

Lasse : Why would you enslave your Father and your big Brother? Its not a matter of if you are insane right now, Micke. Lay off the Coffey..

Mikael : Well... he... heee... my Dad didnt buy me a new Game last month! And my brother is dating hes own Sister. Id say that alone is reason enough!!

Lasse : Okay, sounds just terrific Micke Toivonen!

Mikael : I am going to kill Chuck Norris, do you get that?!? I am not going to be a simple son of a Constructionworker anymore!! Not just Mikael Toivonen at School!

Lasse : So you assume Norris is just going to go up in flames and youl be hit by thunder? There can be only one Chuck, Micke!

Mikael : I dont care about what Dad says! Hes son is a proud God from now on, you tell him that! Okay?

Lasse : Sure il tell him. Not gonna guarantee he beliefs me.

Mikael : Enjoy my Room, buddy! See ya.

Mikael flies away like a unmotivated Superman. Lasse cant believe what he is seeing.

Lasse : He have seen to many Movies...

At the Family Toivonens Place in the outskirts of Stockholm. Everyone is in the Livingroom watching the Television.

Matti : Im going to tell my Boss i dont want to work for him. I find my own!

Karin : Is that so wise? We are crawling with the heavy Bills over here..!

Matti : I am not going to be a unrespectable peace of trash before P.G. We get by, we always do. Something shows up, i can feel that inside of me!

Lasse runs in.

Karin : Hello Lasse! Do you have any good news? We really would appreciate them right now...

Lasse : Ehhhm.. *SIGH-SIGH* Maybe... EHMM.. *SIGH-SIGH-SIGH* No... *Sigh* Micke is going to kill Chuck Norris.

Daniel : *lays of the Newspaper* Ehehehe, i can personaly do without him!! But, best of luck with THAT!

Matti reacts heavily, he knows something is up he needs to hide from hes Wife Karin.

Karin : Whats the matter Matti..? Lasse is obviously joking. Didnt you always say those Chuck-flicks are glorifying violent garbage anyhow?

Daniel : Not even the Boogeyman can take that old fart out... SHIT. *continue reading the News*

Lasse : You guys dont UNDERSTAND!! Micke just split out! He flied away like Supergirl!

Daniel : He he he heh.. yeah, it was one hell of a punch he gave me!

Matti : He did what?! Was he serious? Is he going to take the life of Chuck Norris? Has he lost hes mind..??

Daniel : The NEW, or old Supergirl, Lasse? *pretends to be a Science Doctor* Those kinds of descriptions is very important Lasse, you see.. Hehe!

Matti hold hes hand.

Karin : What is this?

Matti : Its bad, Karin. Its really bad...

Lasse : I cant believe anything.. Does Chuck Norris have those powers??

Matti : Not only that... Chuck is a close friend to Charlotte Kalla. If she founds out he is dead, the whole balance is out of control...

Daniel : Yeah, one Olympic Gold Medal is fucking impressive, Dad!

Matti : This is not a joking matter, Daniel..! Kalla is the God of Winter. One struck from her Magic Skies could destroy the entire Planet..!

Karin : Matti Toivonen! I do believe you watch too much Sport! Be a Charlotte Kalla-Fanboy all you want, but this is a little bit much, wouldent you say..

Daniel : Listen to the Wizzard, Mom!

Karin : Wizzard?

Daniel : YEAH.. Or own Matti "Harry Potter" Toivonen! Hehehe.

Matti : Daniel, i told you in confidence...!

Daniel : Okay, MY Bad!! I thought you where JOKING in confidence...

Karin : Another secret.. why shouldent i be surprised? I was married to Joe Labero all these years! That explains why we always beat the Bills.

Matti : It was left in the past to stay in the past. I could never imagine Micke would gets such powers.

Daniel : So these things about Chuck Norris is true aswell?

Matti : Daniel, do you believe everything you read on the Internet?

Daniel : Choosy Dad, a tad choosy. Hey..! Could you charm me some snacks to Armageddon? The MOVIE, i mean! I dont need to see Lord of the Rings in this joint...
  • Listening to: Pop
  • Reading: Comics
  • Watching: Movies
  • Playing: TV - Games
  • Eating: Food and Big Mac
  • Drinking: Coca Cola and Fanta


Skenberg's Profile Picture
Johnny Gustafsson
My biggest interest is Movies and Anime.
I like the idea of Drama-centered content, with combination of action, horror ore science fiction.
Its quite fun to drawn. I have done Amateur-comicbooks since i was 9. Started officially in 1993. Ironicly i was never into Comicbooks before 2008. I thought it was the best medium for telling my stories. Since i realy cant read Books, and have all information in order in my brain. My passion for Japanese Animation started 1997. Thanks to a friend who was obsessed with it at the time. The only good thing about School as i can remember. I will always thank him for presented it for me, in the rest of my life.

Current Residence: Sweden, Lidköping, Västra Götalands län
Favourite genre of music: Pop
Favourite style of art: Japanese Animation
MP3 player of choice: Windows Media Player
Wallpaper of choice: Changing Automaticly
Favourite cartoon character: Leona Osaki
Personal Quote: Salvation is for few.



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