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As I might seem Inactive lately. Currently I am working on Animated CG Patreon Project 

It will be mostly NSWF and focus on two things.

1.Hot ***** scene using cg manipulation.
2. Animated Wallpaper (once a month) based on wallpaper engine

I might not stay active much on DA these days. Commissions and Drawing update might be sparse than before.
But I will try to find a balanced between them. Thank you very much.

Links for more info
patreon -
Pixiv -…
Tumblr -
Reddit -…
DeviantArt Facebook pixiv

***notice*** Pixiv has different policies , you might find some of explicit contents there.

Line Commission Example by Skello-on-sale
currently, my everyday life get filled with weird activity.

i just barely survive from 2009 flu. doctor said "you should do some exercise" and now i am learning to play hula hoop.
(weird choice of exercise i'd say)for now i must keep myself outdoor to get some fresh air.

so i have to hold my artwork for a while. but still , i have my spared time to do some.
  • Eating: something good for my health for now
  • Drinking: alchohol prohibited (now that suck)
Suddenly , there are a lot of things happen for past week ; like many work rush into me , midterm exams are coming up and i redraw some pages because there are things that contradicted itself.

And for a couple of days ago i have become totally addicted to Starcraft II. spend 2 days for rushing campaign mode (damn! this game is so awesome!!!). after beating it i keep it away from my pc now (i think if i just click on "Multiplayers" tab my life time will be wasted for months!)

i will focusing on manga work now. And you folks that have too much time to kill , try this game
it will massacre your time for good
  • Playing: Starcraft 2 : Wings of Liberty
  • Eating: shit!! ... no i mean noodles for month again shit!
  • Drinking: just water because i wasted my cash on Starcraft2
I think i will take a break on doing cg painting for now and start to focus on thing i really good at.

My first project on DA will be a 18+ . it will contain sexual content but not in the usual way.
it still hard to explain now for what i am going to do. I just think it worth a try.

Category :Romance , comedy.
  • Playing: Singularity , ARMA2
I have to admit that i really new to this kinda stuff.
Because i rarely using blog site (or similar type), so
many deviantart profile options will have me busy for
a mpment.
  • Playing: super street figther 4
  • Eating: might be noodles for a month