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I have a lot to catch up on... by skellitor301 I have a lot to catch up on... :iconskellitor301:skellitor301 0 73 Seal of Epicosity by skellitor301 Seal of Epicosity :iconskellitor301:skellitor301 2 6 Sidcus the Tiger by skellitor301 Sidcus the Tiger :iconskellitor301:skellitor301 2 12
AGNPH fic user SabbyKat and I were chatting about her story on AGNPH, Sabetha - The Light of Fate, and all it's rewrites, a bit of season 2, and some lingering questions I've had. After the fan boy in me settled down we began to talk about a few ideas being tossed around and this is one of them I've wanted to do ^^. This is a fan fic of SabbyKat's fan fic, Sabetha The Walker of Fate. This story is made with permission from SabbyKat by Skellitor301.
This story takes place during the events of Sabetha The Walker of Fate, as our main character, Kenthys, has his own fated path to follow while Sabetha follows her own. While most of this story follows Sabetha The Walker of Fate, there will be parts which are noncanon to the story. Follow Kenthys and his dark form, Dakon, as their own journey unfolds while Sabethas does as well...
All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners.
:iconskellitor301:skellitor301 0 0
Thats so Dope by skellitor301 Thats so Dope :iconskellitor301:skellitor301 1 3 Epic Brownie was Epic by skellitor301 Epic Brownie was Epic :iconskellitor301:skellitor301 1 2 Epic Brownie is Epic by skellitor301 Epic Brownie is Epic :iconskellitor301:skellitor301 0 5 Updating my meow faic by skellitor301 Updating my meow faic :iconskellitor301:skellitor301 0 2 ID By Skelekatie by skellitor301 ID By Skelekatie :iconskellitor301:skellitor301 1 0 The Llama Emperor Strikes by skellitor301 The Llama Emperor Strikes :iconskellitor301:skellitor301 2 0 Undead Diety ID by skellitor301 Undead Diety ID :iconskellitor301:skellitor301 0 2 Head of Skellitor301 UD by skellitor301 Head of Skellitor301 UD :iconskellitor301:skellitor301 3 0 Skellitor301's Medallion by skellitor301 Skellitor301's Medallion :iconskellitor301:skellitor301 0 0
Chapter 3: Seeing Red
The scientists celebrating was short lived. They all quickly turned back to their computers and began working on extracting the new king from his sleeping tube. As they worked, S298 opened his eyes while the tube was raised. S298 looked around as the scientists kneeled before the copy. S298 pointed to one "You, tell me your name." The indicated scientist rose. "My name is John, you are known as Skeletor, seeker of the knowledge locked within castle Greyskull. We are all your loyal followers, and had brought you back from 3 Years of death. Please follow me sire, we have much to discuss." S298 stares in confusion but follows anyway. As they exit John hands S298 a towel beaconing him to wear it. He continues. "First we shall take you to the dressers, you are in need of your cloak." S298 nods and follows him down the hall. S298 noticed other scientists were avoiding his gaze. "Why do they avoid me?", "You are the clone of our fallen king Skeletor, he was slain 3 years ago by the hands of a
:iconskellitor301:skellitor301 0 0
Chapter 2:The Contingency Plan
--- 3 years pass ---
Since Skeletor's passing the empire of Eternia starts to prosper once more and the lands that were desecrated by Skeletor were restored. The only land that remained inaccessible to the rest of the world was the grounds that Skeletor's castle stands on. Since Skeletor's passing the castle remained untouched from the outside. But on the inside was a different story, deep under the castle, followers of the late king are working. They had constructed an underground lab with varoius technologies built by Skeletor himself. One of these machines has been working for over 3 years, since Skeletor realized he was dying. This machine was highly experimental and had one purpose, cloning. Skeletor invented this as a failsafe if he couldn't survive the virus. The necro-scientists have been working very hard to make the perfect clone of Skeletor, so far they've had no success. All the scientists wore the traditional purple hood in honor of Skeletor, the rest of their outfit is th
:iconskellitor301:skellitor301 0 0
Mature content
Chapter 1: The Dying King :iconskellitor301:skellitor301 0 0


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Journal History



Heya everyone!

Yes I know it's been a while since I've been active here, but that's hopefully going to change in the future when I'm not so bogged down with stuffs.

So, to start this off, I'm going to be livestreaming my end of a charity event run by Extra Life. For those who dont know, Extra Life is an organization that runs a gaming marathon each year to raise money for charity. You can find out more info at their site:

Also, be sure to save my streaming channel so you can join me for the 25 hour long stream event on November 2nd:

L8rs :skullbones:
  • Listening to: Soundcloud
  • Reading: Charity info
  • Watching: the random side of youtube
  • Playing: Planet Explorers
  • Eating: stuff I found in my fridge
  • Drinking: this purple drink I found in my fridge


J- that is all you need to know
Artist | Hobbyist
United States
ID made by strangah:iconstrangah:

Hello, I am known across the net as Skellitor301, most people call me Skell. I have made many things, most are still unfinished or abandoned. One major thing I am currently working on is the story of the origins of my online alias Skellitor301. I am also known for having two other alias's that I like to role play with.

Meet The Gang
Undead Deity represents my darker side. Undead Deity, or UD as he is called, is a very dark being, also apathetic. He is also a successfully enhanced clone of the Undead King Skeletor from He-man. He is fused with Kitsune, my other alias, during the process of the cloning by mistake.
His physical appearance:
He has a black hood over his head, all that is visible on his face is the jaw that is missing skin and muscle showing only the bone, and two eyes that glows red and appears to have a red flame come from the sides. the hood looks so dark it somewhat appears to have a faint black fire engulfing it. Around this 'fire' what appears to be a series of sections of halos that vary in size, these halos are orbiting the flame in a very complex way, some sliding past the other, others going the same direction, the complexity looks like a master crafted puzzle box when set in constant motion. His cape that hangs over his right shoulder is black with the same dark flame. His shirt is loose, long sleeved and black like the rest if the outfit. There were two red leather straskellitor301.deviantart.comom20a crimson medallion laid over the cross of the straps. The medallion appeared to have a faint glow that pulsated like a heart beat. The medallion is also engraved with a very strange symbol that you don't recognize in any way. His lower half looks like the hind legs of a black and red furred animal, a fox like tail that matches, and what looks like the head of a kitsune with the same fur, holds to his lower stomach. He holds a sythe in one hand, the sythe is decorated with skulls and the blade is black except the bottom is red. The red looks like the sharpest part of the blade. In the other hand he holds a sword, the blade matches the scythes colors, the cross-guard is a skull with horns used as the quillions. His left fore arm has an arm shield strapped to it, the shield looks like it is covered by some black scaly leather.

Kitsune is a very fun, care free Kitsune. He loves nothing more than making and interacting with friends. It is extremely rare, and I mean VERY EXTREMELY rare, to catch him in a bad mood. His favorite emote is: \\(^w^)/ which stands for "Squeezy Hugs" where he will squeeze you while he hugs you :tighthug:
His Physical Appearance:
An Anthro Kitsune(japanese for "fox") has black fur, with red tipped paws, snout, tipped tail, and tuft on his chest.

Current Projects
Skellitor301: Origins of the Undead Diety
 The reason why I decided to do this story is because I realized I've had the name Skellitor301 since March 12th 1999, and yet I've never made it known how he came to be, or rather how I wanted it known how he came to be. So I've started to write this story because of that.

Submission Details
Skellitor301: Origins of the Undead Diety
Story ideas: CLOSED
Character Design: CLOSED

Character Submission Guidelines

Great Friends
(alphabetical order)
:iconcynder3601::icondeaththeluffykid0139::icondichare::iconentrail::iconfluna::iconfox-boy456::iconheyra16::iconjenrox94::iconjluigijohn::iconlegend0922::iconmadvenomjack: (aka :iconvenomjack: ):iconnessa-the-panda::iconnina23da-neko-fan::iconniraven::iconovershadowed::iconpatagium::iconrenata-young::iconstrangah::icontheguy07::icontickity-tock::iconyifftrooper501::iconzatchhunter:
External Links
YouTube (Main)
YouTube (secondary)
Pirate Galaxy Forums Userpage (Note: I am a Wiki Master for the game meaning I collect information about the game, update, and maintain the Wiki for Pirate Galaxy. Thus I will have many pilots under different servers under different usernames. You can click Here to go to my Wiki user page and see what pilots I own under each user name)
Runescape, Username: Skellitor301 (Note: normally I only play Runescape when I have a membership. This link is to my adventurers log and will let you know if I have Members. I do play without members on a rare occasion, normally during events like holidays or special events)
Legend Zero (Note: must be a registered member to post, friend, chat, etc.)
Fur Affinity
Live Stream
Gaia Online
Mochi Games

Other Info
My art skills are fair, and when I make art I post them onto my FaceBook. The main reason why they start there is because my main connection to the internet is through my iPod touch 4th gen. and Facebook allows mobile uploads and DA currently doesn't. (iPods do rock to a certain extent). So my new material will reside on Facebook until I get to a computer and submit them here. I'll be posting more stuff so keep an eye out.

Favorite Quotes
"Death comes to us all eventualy, I'll meet you there when it does." -Skellitor301
"imajination is the best way to say f**k you! to reality." -AnimeFace
"Did he just make a Lion King reference about my tits?" -Unknown
"i tried to be perfect but nothing was worth it." -reaperofsorrow
"'Never apologize for your art.' ~Anonymous" -Kisharu
"98% of teens can't count. Post this in your sig if you are one of the 10% who can" -Inkspots123
"I intend to live forever or die trying!" -Perinel
"Sometimes good dreams are just as heartbreaking as the bad ones; because when we wake up, we know they weren't real." -Perinel
"The road to success is always under construction." -The-Intimidator
"Attempting to give a crap: ███████████████████] 99% Complete... 

ERROR!: Unable to give a crap." -Coricle
"WARNING! Insane when caffinated!" By -TobiObito4ever
"Tazing twilight vampires, one sparkle at a time!" By -TobiObito4ever
"When life gives you lemons, make milk and wonder how the hell you did it." By -TobiObito4ever
"Team Edward Elric! 'Cuz we all know Cullen stole Armstrong's sparkles." By -TobiObito4ever

L8rs :skullbones:

Favourite genre of music: Techno
Favourite style of art: Anthro (furry, clean), Necro (clean), digital
Operating System: Vista, iPod touch OS 4.02
MP3 player of choice: iPod
Favourite cartoon character: Skeletor
Personal Quote: "Death comes to us all eventually, I'll meet you there when it does." -Skellitor301


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