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#SixFanarts (Hazbin Hotel, IT, and more)

I completely forgot I didnt even post this here! Finished this a couple months ago in between working on an EARWIG episode. I drew the suggestions my IG followers gave to me, some of which I have been wanting to draw but never really took initiative too while others I never really expected to draw (Charlie from Hazbin Hotel specifically).

I've been mainly more active on my IG and surprisingly even my Youtube! I have a few more episodes left in my EARWIG series so I'll be working on that again soon! If you are keen on keeping updated with my work and shit Im up to, def follow me on IG and Youtube (links below).

Angelique - Hellraiser franchise
Pennywise - IT (2017)
Candyman - Candyman
Professor Stein - Soul Eater
Tomie Kawakamie - Tomie
Charlie - Hazbin Hotel
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Charlie looks so good!

Now i kinda want to see all the other hazbin characters in your style ~ 0w0

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OAO...Charlie as an Eldritch Abomination that she was meant to be.


Mr-M-horror-action's avatar

nice style of Lucifer's daughter all priest's should fear her.

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These are fantastic, good god I love the horror art style! 💖
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Charlie looks freaky!

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