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In my restless dreams...

"In my restless dreams, I see that town... Silent Hill."

My first proper illustration of 2018. For the longest time I have been wanting to draw Pyramid Head and since I finished my previous sketchbook and needed to start my new sketchbook, I saw this as an opportunity. Despite being a huge Silent Hill fan, the only fan art I've ever done was the movie version of Pyramid Head… and Valtiel… the latter I'd like to redraw some time.

I wanted to incorporate the Mannequin monsters somehow and have some sort of sexual interaction between PH and the Mannequins. But I settled on this layout, making PH the main focus of the piece.


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Great use of red D=
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Thank you and thank you for the watch~
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You're welcome, I'll be favving more =D
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One of my first baes, PH. 
This is great.
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Oooh, this is fantastic...! I love how you captured the true darkness of Pyramid Head in this. My eye keeps wondering over all the details, too - like the gloves and apron, for instance, and the background too. Really wonderful (and inspiring!) work. :heart:
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Thank you for the kind words!
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You're welcome! :D 
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You really captured the essence of what pyramid head is in the context of SH2 here. With frustrated lust spilling out from a burdened head. Perfect rendition of such an iconic and misunderstood character.
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Thank you for the kind words!
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YAAASSS!! I beat SH2 for the first time a couple months ago with my bf who's also a huge Silent Hill fan. Got the water ending. Now I don't know if I like 3 or 2 better! They're both masterpieces, and so is this lovely piece you've made. Well done!
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and pyramid head just became nightmarish again, thanks skellington.
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Amazing as always!
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You're welcome!
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omg this is amazing!!!
I freaking love Pyramid head :)
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