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The Long Way by Skellington05 The Long Way :iconskellington05:Skellington05 2 0 Chumley by Skellington05 Chumley :iconskellington05:Skellington05 0 2 Relax Tranquility Original by Skellington05 Relax Tranquility Original :iconskellington05:Skellington05 0 1 Ravishing Rose 'Original' by Skellington05 Ravishing Rose 'Original' :iconskellington05:Skellington05 2 2 Flametongue 'Original' by Skellington05 Flametongue 'Original' :iconskellington05:Skellington05 1 1 Aqua Abyss 'Original' by Skellington05 Aqua Abyss 'Original' :iconskellington05:Skellington05 8 3 Flurry of the Dancing Flames by Skellington05 Flurry of the Dancing Flames :iconskellington05:Skellington05 1 2 Lion Tranquility 'Original' by Skellington05 Lion Tranquility 'Original' :iconskellington05:Skellington05 1 1 Wisdom Tranquility'Original' by Skellington05 Wisdom Tranquility'Original' :iconskellington05:Skellington05 2 1 Valor Tranquility 'Original' by Skellington05 Valor Tranquility 'Original' :iconskellington05:Skellington05 1 1 Tranquility 'Original' by Skellington05 Tranquility 'Original' :iconskellington05:Skellington05 1 3


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Tangerine (Papyrus x Reader) NSFW :iconarixesensfw:ArixeseNSFW 70 31
Baisemain [G!Papyrus x Reader]
Baisemain - A kiss on the hand
Ever since you had met the tall skeleton monster, you had been absolutely charmed. W.D Papyrus was the definition of a gentleman. Everything he did screamed elegant, from the way he walked to the way he talked. He treated everyone with utter respect and kindness. Even if he happened to find himself in a sticky situation, he kept his cool. Like the day you had met him.
You had been making your way home from a late night shift, calmly walking down the streets in the middle of the night, enjoying the cool but pleasant air. Not cold enough to freeze in your thin jacket and scarf, but still enough for your breath to fog when you breath out. And of course, your night was ruined when a man quickly took a grip of your messenger bag, trying to rip it from you. But jokes on him, since you were always prepared. Never let your guard down in a big city, especially during night when you're alone. Number one rule of survival.
While you were having a tug of war with the
:iconnixdex:nixdex 52 8
UNDERFELL : Big sis by Popza10CM UNDERFELL : Big sis :iconpopza10cm:Popza10CM 219 16 Inktober #8: Stay determine by Bunnymuse Inktober #8: Stay determine :iconbunnymuse:Bunnymuse 456 42 TCN - Whispers by thiscatharticnail TCN - Whispers :iconthiscatharticnail:thiscatharticnail 13 9
Swapfell Brothers x Reader (That Bitch) Chapter 1
*Warning: Contains polyamorous relations, swearing, hurt and comfort*
Slim and Sans were relaxing at home from a successful day at work. They live on the surface in a house with you, you are married to the both of them. You were the last one to come home from work, both of them would be waiting for you, but they were waiting in great anticipation. Today marked one-year of the day the skeleton brothers married the woman of their dreams, You. The two brothers were planning on taking you out to a fancy restaurant to celebrate tonight, and although it was Thursday, all three of you agreed to call in sick on Friday, as the boys were planning to spoil you rotten in bed all night and into the next morning.
The front door swung open, you step in. They both at first looked at you with smiles but quickly lost them when they saw the hard look on your face. You ignored them completely and stormed your way to the basement door, swung it open and slammed it behind you. Both were left momentarily stu
:iconbutterly-koi:Butterly-Koi 22 11
Undertale:: SwapFell:: Halloween Bites by SpaceJacket Undertale:: SwapFell:: Halloween Bites :iconspacejacket:SpaceJacket 298 128
Mature content
Yours (Swapfell!Papyrus x Reader) NSFW :iconarixesensfw:ArixeseNSFW 44 9
Mature content
Taste (Underswap!Papyrus x Reader) NSFW :iconarixesensfw:ArixeseNSFW 59 27
Slender brothers X reader Thanksgiving
Slender brothers X reader
Reader's point of view 
You sighed in sadness, because tomorrow was thanksgiving and you were going to have to spend it alone. None of your family could make it to your feast, because they were all either invited to another party or were on vacation with their kids for the week. Tears began to run down your cheek as you sat on your couch with your knees up to your chest. Your family always did this to you, and you were growing tired of it, so that was one of the reasons you moved out to live alone.
You wept on your couch for who knows how long until you heard a *BEEP! coming off on your phone. You wiped away your tears, to pick up your phone, and see what the screen had to display. It was your online friend, Splendor or that is how you know him as. You smiled delightfully for his chats always seemed to comfort you the most. You had met Splendor on KiK, while you were messing around with some of the messaging apps, y
:iconalextheli0n:AlexTheLi0n 274 28
(Grillby x Reader) Warmth
You simply decided to stroll to the market to purchase a few necessities, (late at night none the less) and on your way back home through Snowdin, the snow began to plummet more quickly and the wind howled with great ferocity. You were equipped with boots, a winter coat and jeans; perfect for a regular cold day, not for a sudden blizzard. Your frozen hands clutched the plastic grocery bags, you were sincerely considering just abandoning your groceries just so you can stick your bare hands into your pockets. You heavily trekked through the rapidly stacking snow; feeling disoriented, nervous and gelid. Being blinded by the darkness and the snow, you couldn’t tell where you were, or how far you were from home. You were becoming more anxious and more stiff by the minute, you were beginning to think that you were completely lost and was going to freeze to death. “No, I’m okay…I’m okay…I just have to keep walking…I’m probably almost there anywa
:iconbutterly-koi:Butterly-Koi 90 23
Mature content
Dreemurr Academy #1 (FellSwap Papyrus) :icongorillazfan666:gorillazfan666 12 19
Underswap!Papyrus x Reader fluff
Knocking gingerly on the door, you murmured.
"Hello...? Papyrus, are you in there?"
There was a quiet shuffle, and then the door creaked open.
The hooded skeleton smiled gently down at you.
"What can I help you with?"
"Um... Can I just... Come in...?"
He looked curious, but nodded and moved aside, motioning for you to come in.
"Thank you..."
After walking inside, you went over and sat on his bed, looking down a bit.
The clicking of the closing door resounded through the room. Papyrus walked over and sat down next to you.
"So what's up? You seem a little out of it... Well, more than usual, anyway."
When you looked over at him, he had a small smile on his face, showing you that he was just teasing you.
You couldn't help but smile back.
"Um... Were you jealous?"
"Jealous? Of what?"
"Your brother. When he was with me. You seemed a bit more quiet than usual..."
A small orange blush formed.
"N-no... I was just a bit surprised, that's all... You know, walking in with my brother having you pin
:iconcode2000:Code2000 233 56
Underfell Comic: Hot Dog Scene by vanillaxbiscuit Underfell Comic: Hot Dog Scene :iconvanillaxbiscuit:vanillaxbiscuit 507 87
Underswap!Papyrus X Reader (Chapter one)
Six months, that is the number of months that had passed since the monsters had reappeared aboveground. 
As expected, not every human was thrilled that they showed back up. Some just didn't say anything and some acted upon it trying to send them back before they 'turned savage'. 
And there were those that believed that they had never deserved to be locked down there in the first place, you hadn't really made up your mind yet. Perhaps you were waiting to meet one, or maybe you just didn't want to jump to conclusions. 
Anybody who saw you would probably assume you were a monster hater, and that was understandable because you often went to monster protests with two of your friends, Grace and Audrey. 
They both despised monsters, Grace said it was because one killed her great, great, great grandmother years ago and Audrey just did for no reason. Their opinions had rubbed off on you so you had begun to fear monsters.
You had only seen them from a distance before, you had
:icontheindianacrew:TheIndianaCrew 48 126
Under-swap sans and papyrus x reader
     'Geese almost 1:33 in the morning, should probably get to bed' You turn to your laptop and close your anime website, then you get up to go to the room you shared with Chara. You walked into the room and heard papyrus talking to sans in the room next door. You could not make out what they were talking about but just shrugged it off. You began to undress hoping that he would not wake up, you decided upon a two piece pajama set, well they were not exactly pajamas just a pair of shorts and a tank top. little did you know that chara was awake and watching you the whole time, You climb into bed and doze off to sleep.
-----in the next room-----
Papyrus- "Sans, i'm not really comfortable with the kid sleeping with chara...."
Sans- "I am not either brother but you know she would never sleep with one of us".
Papyrus- "I know...I know..." papyrus and sans heard a clash and a scream in the room next to theirs.
Sans- "Brother the human"!
Papyrus- Oh no....come on!
:iconanimelover1014:animelover1014 8 21


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I am still around and I will have new stuff posted in a few days time. I have been busy with work and now I am going on a very much needed vacation to KY and WI to visit family I haven't seen in 3+ years. I will post some new stuff the minute I get the chance but FYI I am not dead and will never die as longg as my inspiration and creativity holds out. POWER TO THE ARTISTS OF THE WORLD! and last, but not least, thanks to everyone who has been replying and leaving me comments. I really appreciate it and hope to hear more from you people. You guys rock.


Skellington05 or :M: as my chop says.

Also, look me up on Youtube, I am ViviSkull05
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