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Based on the novel 'Nevermore' by Kelly Creagh.
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This is GORGEOUS!! I LOVE IT! The boy is a little younger than I imagine Varen looking, but still!!!

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Nevermore is such an amazing book!
I read like 5 times, and it still reels me in, taking my soul. :O
I only wish they made a book 3, cause I think the whole series in general should have a good ending!!
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I love the concept that you took for the idea of this fan poster, it really captures all of the aspects of the story. Its one of my favorite stories. ^^ Good job!
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I love this book :D
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hrmmm *vaugly rembers reading this... nope.. wait nv,, read Evermore...* This is epic poster though, haha you have major skills.
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o.o I love this, so much.

I just started the book yesterday afternoon, and I only have one hundred or so pages left. xD (I NEVER read that fast. This is an indicator that Nevermore is an amazing book)

Let me just say that you have done a marvelous job, and there are no words that can accurately describe how utterly... beautiful, amazing, dark, addictively haunting, see? No words are good enough~ <3
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YES!!!!!!!! Love it! this book is amazing
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<3333 AMAZING!!!!!!
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JUST bought this book after my friend has been nagging me to read it for oh, about a year. Gonna read it tonight ^^
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I just finished the AWESOME book and I frckn LOVE your poster :)
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Love this this fanmade poster! :) Should be used for a movie poster. ;)
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I love how you did thi though! It's hanna from Pretty Little Liars! and the bottme pic if her is when A tried to run her over with a car!
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I love it. It's hannna from Pretty Little Liars! The bottem pic is when A tried to run her over with a car!
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Never ead it, but it looks interesting!
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This looks so amazing. I love it. Can you please tell me who Varen is?
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Varen is being portayed by Jake Richardson. :)
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Wow. Thank you so very much! He looks divine. Reminds me a bit of a 17 year old Andy Biersack from Black Veil Brides.
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How did you do this? It's so cool and perfect!
Totally was excited when I saw this. Just finished the book about 2 days ago. I hope a movie does follow. Great work!
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This is absolutely amazing! I've just recently finished this book (now awaiting sequel) and it's my new and greatest favorite.
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I want to read this one so bad! Fantastic poster!
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Ahhh this is so well done ;u; I really hope it can be a movie one day <3
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