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Breaking Dawn


Another addition to my mock movie poster series. Inspired by Breaking Dawn by Stephenie Meyer.
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wolfdemongirl13's avatar
Aw I ove this. It seriously needs a poster
smeesh-love's avatar
askfjgvnadkfjbna part 2 made me scream and cry... then make me slap my forehead... if you've seen it you know what scene im talking about
Pantamala's avatar
I love it. I like how Renesmee actually looks like she's young instead of Mackenzie Foy....
MysticArtist92's avatar
I love this! It feels right.
lolipopoodles1234's avatar
the movie came out november 18th 2011 i already saw it!!!!!
sourskittlegirl986's avatar
this looks soo cool.
SilverdawnSTAR's avatar
i love your art it so unique i love twilight on friday i saw the movie breaking dawn , i even have all the books ,movies,posters like the twilight saga,twilight saga guide,bree tanner ,i have question which team do you go for
loserfreak52's avatar
this is...PERFECT!!
NatureArtAndSoul's avatar
I just saw this movie today! It was AMAZING :D
lilred358's avatar
Love this poster!!
MLPFIMlover234's avatar
i saw the midnight showing last night, i cant wait for part 2! but, we have to wait a year for part 2 :(
FluffehWolfeh's avatar
I know! Same! This is going to be torture waiting. Dx
MLPFIMlover234's avatar
it was like forever waiting!
FluffehWolfeh's avatar
Yeah, ikr? It was epic though. 8D
MLPFIMlover234's avatar
it was OH SO LOUD! and there were paper cut outs of jacob and edward, HALARIOUS!
PrincessAlaska's avatar
PrincessAlaska's avatar
I am so saving this as a desktop! Love it!!
Domino-Iced's avatar
Ohh my bageezaz thats really good! The little gurls really cute great job
bellaandedawrdforeva's avatar
again this would be better without the wolf!
NatureArtAndSoul's avatar
*gasp* How dare you >:(
bellaandedawrdforeva's avatar
I'm sorry but wolves suck
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