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Beautiful Creatures


Based on the book Beautiful Creatures by Kami Garcia & Margaret Stohl.

Forest- fire-walker.
Book- Falln-Stock.
Fire- Mihaell.
Moon- wyldraven.
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Woah, that's very pretty!
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This is how it should really look <3
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Check out our Beautiful Creatures Fan Art Competition, enter to win a copy of Beautiful Creatures: The Official Illustrated Movie Companion. [link]
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holy damn, that is amazing :D i love it!!!
Hi! We're having a contest!

For the next two weeks we'll be having a Caster Chronicles fan art contest! Tweet your pictures to @mstohl (paintings, drawings, sketches, photos, etc). Whoever wins will have their art featured on all of my websites and their picture will be my timeline photo! Get creative: anything related to Beautiful Creatures is fair game!

--Margie's Media
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I think this is very good!:D
And it matches with the book well!
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Impressive. But I don't like that actress from Castle as Lena.
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wait a minute...Lena's eyes are gold...SHE GOES DARK??? DANG IT! now i HAVE to finish the book!!!
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who's the girl..? ... :)
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I seriously love you for having Molly Quinn on this cover :D
love it!
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Being almost done with the book I LOVE THIS!!!!
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Beautiful Creatures OWNS Twilight!!! I LUV it!!
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Don't you just love this book? :clap: But the ending just really confused me. :?
There is going to be a squel about this so dont worry :) Go on the site it tells

Love and Music is mmy drug
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Yeah!! I'm waitting for the explanation. :))
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I lover this book, I read the whole thing in one night and it really gets me into writing poetry. I think this poster is great. Keep up the good work.
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i don't think thats how lena would look because the gold is suppose to be like a cat's eye the books doesn't burn so i don't get that and where's ethan?
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You'll notice that the disclaimer says that it's fan made; therefor, if I wanted to make her eyes purple, I could. The burning book is symbolic to the story, if you paid attention enough. And I just didn't feel like putting Ethan in this poster. Like I said- fan made.
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fine i'm sorry...why would you want to give her purple eyes and i get the symbol with lena being a natural
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OMG! This is awesome!!! I LOVED this book, and I love how you made Molly Quinn look like Lena!Ooooo!!!! perfect!
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