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might be shouting into a void about shit nobody cares about here but idc lol. just feeling nostalgic.

read through all my journal entries here (or at least what I didn't delete right after I purged a bunch of shit off my page when my dad died), and went through some old pieces too, reading the comments. buffeted by memories. I've been on this site since I was fifteen years old. I was insufferable lol. but then I guess most of us on the internet were, at the time.

it's funny though, how often I still think about so many of the people here. I still have hundreds of pages of roleplay from me and my beetlejuice fandom friends saved in a word document on a thumb drive. I have NO IDEA if any of my old despicable me friends are still here or remember this, but I still have despicableus's whole damn fic saved too lol. I still think about those two fandoms, and the people in them, all the damn time. wondering if you all are doing okay. I hope so.

it's odd to read through all the old conversations I had here with deeply beloved friends whose whereabouts and well-being are now completely unknown to me, and still feel so close to ghosts.

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Skellagirl > queersaint!

I've been Skellagirl pretty much everywhere since I was fourteen lol. My dad came up with it so it's still very sentimental to me, but I'm thirty-two years old now and using the word 'girl' as a self-descriptor feels a little.............. Weird(tm)

can't believe I had to pay DA four whole american dollars just to change my username 🙃

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hi hello

long time no see

how is everyone? does anybody even still follow me here? do people even still use this site, like is it even worth being active on anymore?

Might possibly maybe try to post art here again, not sure. Most of what I make right now is sketchdumps and there's not a great way to post those here aside from combining them all into one big canvas, I suppose. If anyone is reading this and I'm not just shouting into a void, would y'all be interested in that?

Also yes, I DID finally change my icon after not changing it for (checks notes) fifteen years. People used to tell me, pretty often, that it was not epilepsy-friendly and I just didn't care because I was a dumbass, and then I stopped using DA enough to really think about it, but now that I'm logged in and poking around I figured I should, finally, actually do something to make it less of an epilepsy risk and general eye-strain, and this is the icon I've been using pretty much everywhere else. Username is probably next tbh

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Think I'm just gonna stop using journals and start using these, since I can't seem to remember to ever update journals lol...

How is everyone?

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Yo, I don't have anything to say here, really, just felt weird leaving a journal entry from last year up, even into the middle of 2019, oops

Been busy busy busy with moving houses and a couple projects, both Danny Phantom related.
>If you wanna follow the (very slow) development of my fancomic, that's over here on this tumblr
>If you wanna follow the (also very slow lol) development of a fan-driven reboot of DP that I'm in charge of, that's over here on THIS tumblr. We need more people to join, so consider that as well!

As always, here's my other social media links; tumblr is where I'm most active
Bullet; Pink Tumblr
Bullet; Pink Twitter
Bullet; Pink Instagram
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