Obligatory 2019 Journal

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Yo, I don't have anything to say here, really, just felt weird leaving a journal entry from last year up, even into the middle of 2019, oops

Been busy busy busy with moving houses and a couple projects, both Danny Phantom related.
>If you wanna follow the (very slow) development of my fancomic, that's over here on this tumblr
>If you wanna follow the (also very slow lol) development of a fan-driven reboot of DP that I'm in charge of, that's over here on THIS tumblr. We need more people to join, so consider that as well!

As always, here's my other social media links; tumblr is where I'm most active
Bullet; Pink Tumblr
Bullet; Pink Twitter
Bullet; Pink Instagram
:bulletpink: My personal website
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