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Hey friends! Hope you all had happy holidays and a good new year! I made a total of ONE (1) journal entry last year lol, let's see what happens this year.

I FINALLY graduated college in December (WHOO) so I'm officially the owner of a shiny new BA in Art & Design! And a heck of a lot more free time, for the moment! And several thousand dollars of student debt! It feels so good tbh. The last few weeks were Absolute Chaos

I've been a complete lazy hermit the past couple of weeks but I'm starting to feel like an Actual Person again. Ready to start on projects and make some money and be my own person again for the first time in four years, haha.

Otherwise, I don't have much to say. Hopefully there'll be more art here and stuff again - maybe even comic stuff eventually! We'll see! 2018 has been off to a weird start but let's try to stay positive and strong and kick its ass!!! <3

How is everyone? What has everyone been up to? What have you been playing, listening to, watching, drawing, writing???

As always, here's my other social media links; tumblr is where I'm most active
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