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F This :iconskeletondance:skeletondance 1 0
English Final Paper
The frigid wind cuts through my skin.
I start to feel the pain deep within.
The sky fades into eternal night,
As the birds take off into flight.
I continue my walk, frozen to the core.
I think to myself; nevermore.
Reaching out to turn the icy metal knob
I have finished my grimly job
Ascending up my old wooden stairs
Feeling the pain that death bares
I collapse into my desk chair
Wishing to God that I didn't care
Thinking back I can still hear his last breath
The last gasp for air before his death
The only thing I saw was red
And there was his body, dead
Pacing my room as the floorboards creak
The midnight sky looking bleak
Thinking to myself I must not confess
But Lord, how do I conceal this mess?
I see a crow perched on my sill
I open the window despite the chill
The crow whispers I know what you've done
And Death reign over you has just begun
Knowing that the crow is true
I understand what it is I must do
Tonight is the night I say goodbye
Tonight was the night I die
:iconskeletondance:skeletondance 0 0
Vinnie by skeletondance Vinnie :iconskeletondance:skeletondance 0 1
Rest in Peace
A smile that lit up a room.
A flower that was always in bloom.
Laughter that brightened everyones day.
Today everyone bows thier head to pray.
Danielle, you were a sweetheart.
We'll never stray apart.
Danielle, a daughter, a friend.
Today we will start to mend.
This is not a goodbye, but a I'll see you later.
Danielle, in heaven you'll be even greater.
:iconskeletondance:skeletondance 1 1
My thoughts are scattered
I feel uncomplete
Lost in the woods
Drowned in the river
Gasping for air
See through my blank stare
Picking up the pieces
Im scared to death
Im afraid I've lost myself,
My scattered thoughts have gone
Im lost and never to be found
Im losing focus on what I knew
Questioning the answers
Holding on to the little scraps
Of what i once saw true
:iconskeletondance:skeletondance 0 0
My thoughts are scattered
I feel uncomplete
Lost in the woods
Drowned in the river
Gasping for air
See through my blank stare
Picking up the pieces
Im scared to death
Im afraid I've lost myself,
My scattered thoughts have gone
Im lost and never to be found
I've been thrown into a tornado
A storm of question of rage
Violently storming my mind
Thoughts serpentine through my head
Maybe id be better off dead..
:iconskeletondance:skeletondance 0 0
Life Story..
Sick of the pain
Choke back the tears
Cant afford to be weak
You seemed to be there for me
Yet all of it was fake
You hurt me dearly
I mutter sorry, as i always do
And I still find myself trusting you
Dont leave, you promised
But i guess that was a lie too
All this happened to fast
No chance to stop it...
Are we still friends?
Oh, okay like we never were
I feel I lost a friend
But you were never one to begin with...
:iconskeletondance:skeletondance 0 0
Fade Away
Faded memories, a blank slate
Faded memories, a blank state
The past is fleeting, gone away
The past is fleeting, not here to stay
When hope is lost, new faith is found
When hope is lost, plant a new ground
Our soul intertwined in pain ,a heart that never mends
Our soul intertwined in pain, destiny is no friend
Our faded memories, fall short and broken
Our faded memories, tell stories unspoken
The past has gone, the bird has flown
The past has gone, and it's set in stone
:iconskeletondance:skeletondance 0 0
Lost and Gone Forever
Holding on to those shattered dreams
Broken realities not meant to be
A tormented soul, a broken heart
A newly born solider going to depart
Shattered truths fall under the cracks
All the lies pull them back
To their broken lives
And pregnant wives
Newly born soldiers with their dreams
And broken sense of reality
:iconskeletondance:skeletondance 0 0
Short Rain
The rain is falling,
Into my soul.
Freezing my heart,
Ice cold.
The ice pierces my heart,
Bleeds crimson red
Turns icy blue.
Stained memories
Of what once was
To be no more.
:iconskeletondance:skeletondance 0 0
Similar Story
I am in a daze
I have been for days
I've been staring at the sea
I wonder what I see
The ocean filled with dye
To peaceful to die
I've been sitting on this pier
Only just to peer
At the light of the morning
It's no cause for mourning
This pier just seems to creak
While the ocean steals the creek
All I want is to piece
Together this peace
:iconskeletondance:skeletondance 0 0
Slipping Down
Hunger. Hunger.
Cut down the waist.
Cut down the waste.
Pressure. Pressure.
Bound to crack.
Hunger. Hunger.
Begging to eat.
Cut down the waist.
Cut down the waste.
Falling down,
That road.
No more,
Hunger. Hunger.
:iconskeletondance:skeletondance 0 0
Memories Are Ours To Keep
Looking back, at all the memories,
Losing them would be unbearable
The past always seems brighter
For the future is unknown
Looking back, at all the friends
Some lost, Some gained
Sometimes wishing nothing changed
Here's to all the good times
Looking back, at all the fun
Nothing seems to compare
To the parties, and the games
Our memories will last
And now I'll look to the future
Head held high
I'll face the world
And never look back...
:iconskeletondance:skeletondance 1 3
Light-Up Cross by skeletondance Light-Up Cross :iconskeletondance:skeletondance 1 0 A Sage from RO by skeletondance A Sage from RO :iconskeletondance:skeletondance 1 5
Tears of Fate
One tear.
One lonely tear.
One lonely, cold tear.
That flows down her face.
She tries to hide her lonely tear.
But that one tear turns into a stream.
Each tear represents one of her dreams.
Falling away from her, and crashing down.
Her lonely, cold, dark life is passing by.
She cannot say anything to stop this.
Her destiny is set, her fate sealed.
She cannot break her chains.
Hollow darkness remains.
All with one lonely tear.
Just one lonely tear.
One tear.
:iconskeletondance:skeletondance 5 3

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