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Why So Curious?




This is what happens when two popular icons meet.

watercolor 9"x10"

Created October 2008 by Thomas Boguszewski.


Edit Dec 2010: Thank you all for such a favorable reaction these past few years! I've seen my image posted around the internet in quite a few places. I've decided to go back and release this under a creative commons license. Feel free to spread it around, but please:
Give me credit.
Don't claim it as your own, or try to sell it.
And don't chop it up (or if you do chop it up, tell me about it first).

You guys (internet folk) rock, and I trust that nobody wants to rip me off.
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Ending: Batman comes in to save George and The Man with the Yellow Hat gets revived and the Joker gets sent to jail! THE END! #StopAnimalAbuse