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Happy February!

This might hold the record for strangest concept I ever came up with, that actually made it to the page intact. Many a tale lie unfinished, with a central concept I really like just...floating there, waiting to be completed. Few seem to, either due to lack of characters, fun poofy stuff, or any number of reasons.

However, the idea of an arcade machine dedicated solely to pumping a digital gal's boobs up was fascinating, and I quickly found Pumperella to be a fun, saucy character. In all theory, the possible sequel will have much more byplay with Shannon! 

And yes, I am particularly proud of "Heckin'". 

Shannon's last name was inspired a bit by YlandraX, a longtime favorite 3D artist of mine, and someone who's work helped land me firmly into the fetish. I hope a digital inflatable gal and her new friend are a fitting tribute :) 
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Well hey, thank you very much! :) Hopefully it was well-done along with being creative ;)