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oh, woah! This site's still here. Missed you guys. Will touch base soon, thanks and hi to those who find their way to this post!
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I have absolutely NO idea how I haven't watched your art before but goodnesssss all of your pieces are such a joy to behold!

Hi! I just found out about the Gastrosnaps and they are really interesting! My friends and I want to make some just to enjoy those silly little creatures! We have no intentions of posting without permission or selling anything Gastrosnap related. I just wanted to get your permission!

can u help me make a creature unique to me

your art has been really important to my creative journey and our interactions back in the chickensmoothie days are precious to me <3 i hope you are doing well wherever you are

hi I'm new to deviant art and I just found out about gastrosnaps and I wanted to ask why are they a closed species? I would understand if they were semi open like protagens with limited features but why completely closed I'm asking because I have a very old oc that some what looks like a gastrosnap and was going to make him into one but then i found out they were a closed species so that's pretty much all I wanted to know is why a closed species?

people do closed specie to create a rarity and be able to monitor the designs and to be able to have earn some money and live from their arts. I am currently answering because skelefrog have'nt been seen here since like 2019