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Super Slaves

A commission of Captain Marvel, She-Hulk and America Chavez (Ms. America) having run afoul of some intergalactic slavers.


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hotartfan's avatar
Would have been 10/10 if you hadn't given America a granny face.
Skelebomb's avatar
Usually I would just say "rude" but I kind of agree lol. Made the shading on her face a little less severe so she looks less...aged?
hotartfan's avatar
Was not trying to be rude so sorry if it cam that way. I just really like her design but there is barely any art of her so i was disappointed such a great quality draw of her came out like that, but yeah actually you did edit it holy hell, mad respect to you for actually doing that.
Skelebomb's avatar
It’s no biggie, hope it’s a little more enjoyable now :)
steverogers5's avatar
Skelebomb's avatar
son-of-clan-Ross's avatar
This is so freaking awesome
Skelebomb's avatar
Thank you very much :)
son-of-clan-Ross's avatar
you're very welcome, you dud a fantastic job
vasily26's avatar
This is so great. This is the first time I’ve ever seen America in bondage, and that huge ballgag is a perfect fit for her. Also is it just me or does Captain Marvel seem to have acclimated to this a bit? Either that or she’s just chewing on some massive gag stuffing
mrcdude102's avatar
I see that to with cap M
Skelebomb's avatar
Haha the latter is more what I was going for but once the art is out there it’s up for consumption :)
japanis's avatar
I like it, when the ladies are such well securedWoohooooo! :happybounce: 
But they seems not so happy with itGiggle 
profoundlyentangled's avatar
Love this. Everyone's restraints look appropriate to their level of strength. I love the detail that Jennifer's ankle cuffs are the most restricting. And America's crotchrope...devious. Honestly, America is my favorite of the three. This is the first time I've ever seen her put in bondage, and it is hot!
Skelebomb's avatar
Ty, glad to be of service :)
hitface77's avatar
Three of marvels most headstrong superheroines bound, gagged and lead by leash, you've out done yourself this time man.
ForestWolfDragon's avatar
Never heard of America Chavez but she looks great beside the ever wonderful Captain Marvel and incredible She-Hulk.
Onilao's avatar
damn this is great work here, captain marvel and she hulk are my fav females of marvel, you did these bindings and gag so hot...i wonder who is holding the leash <3 

(i do wish captain marvel looked like this in the movie though :P )
Skelebomb's avatar
Happy to be of service :)
InfiniteMultiBurst's avatar
First America Chavez DID pic I've ever seen period.
Skelebomb's avatar
InfiniteMultiBurst's avatar
Shamless plug after I saw that I literally did my own but instead of She Hulk and Captain Marvel I usee America's moms(Wife & Wife)
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