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Amazon Rope Trick

Hmm...that's a very long lasso.

----------- to get involved with more things, by me!
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Wonder Woman is one of my favorites. I think that body and facial expressions are the key for a job to be recognized. Despite being an amateur, I always look for that first. Thanks.
iheartgaggedgirls's avatar
Just wanted to say you’ve done a fantastic job here
herc0730's avatar
Wonder Woman wouldn't be angry
Skelebomb's avatar
herc0730's avatar
Wonder Woman has a thing for bondage lol
Skelebomb's avatar
For real? Was that not just the original creator?
wonder woman would dig this !
Skelebomb's avatar

She was only mad if bad guys didnt tie her up !

Great and sexy pic.Love 
Lathiira's avatar
Wonder Woman's probably now having flashbacks to her first day in Amazon kindergarten where she learned this trick ;)
SchattenLotus's avatar
"In MY Eyes", she IS* a WHORE for all of Eternity,

so it is "only fair" that she gets bound like one =P
Skelebomb's avatar
Hey now, there's no need to be throwing around slurs.

The art may be a kinky pinup but dial it back a little.
SchattenLotus's avatar
I admit i was a "bit" harsh :XD: =P
FascinationJorogumo's avatar
dovop's avatar
One of your greatest works to date. Maybe I'm partial because this is WW.
Skelebomb's avatar
Haha perhaps but its appreciated :)
Funny... it never LOOKS that long hung on her belt, hee!  Good work!
Skelebomb's avatar
Some kind of mischief at play here ;)
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