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Yes, no, maybe so

Heck yeah!! YUP by 8-BitSpider

Arrow left by Drawn-Marioskeletons
Arrow left by Drawn-MarioDon't Starve
Arrow left by Drawn-MarioTrue crime
Arrow left by Drawn-MarioParanormal junk(.. Buzzfeed unsolved)
Arrow left by Drawn-MarioMusic (Besides Rap )
Arrow left by Drawn-MarioPositivity
Arrow left by Drawn-Mario12,000 webtoons and webcomics
EW!! NOPE by 8-BitSpider

Arrow left by Drawn-MarioEarly mornings
Arrow left by Drawn-Mario Adulting
Arrow left by Drawn-Mario Coffee
Arrow left by Drawn-Mario Rude people/ Negativity
Arrow left by Drawn-Mario Cold
Arrow left by Drawn-Mario allergies
Arrow left by Drawn-Mario decisions

Favorite god? 

4 deviants said Diti
3 deviants said Xoyotle



Loving someone is letting them go. Trusting someone is knowing they’ll come back. 
Throw those What IFs in the TRASH!! >:V 
Take a moment, deep breath.

Focus on the good things that happened today. Even if it’s something small.
Ever just.. find your old sketchbooks, and get  that sort of same little fire going again for a project?? because man if that doesn't express how it is for me right now.

*claps* why is it, that when you go into a relationship 9 times outta 10, telling someone you aren't single anymore is treated with backlash. Fools, be proud someone could make them happy. Backlash just makes them feel terrible for even bringing it up to you.
Spoooooky month is such a good month for artists. Like there’s just so much produced it’s sick.
If you find a job you love, you'll never "work" a day in your life.
I've heard this a few times and gosh darn it, I still like it. >:'V Shame there isn't a job for sleeping, though.

Sudden urge to make my fursona instead a feathersona and make it a crow
  So, instead of inktober, i'm doing Sketch-tober, made by myself.
in which each day, I do a t   l e a s t one sketch. Thus, getting myself in the habit of drawing frequently again, while also improving my sketches! .. is anyone interested in seeing the prompts, or the sketches?
I hate that my mood changes in these waves. Sometimes not even for an actual reason, just outta the blue one morning my brain decides: “You shall be sad today. This will take two weeks to wear off.” 
Mumford and sons has a new album in the making, out nov 12th. 👏🏼👏🏼
The worst feeling is being sad, but knowing there's not much that I can do to fix it at this point.
If your tired clap your hands
Clap clap 
If your tired clap your hands
clap clap 
If your tired clap your hands

if your tired than your face will surely show it.

Spoiler: it do 
Hey, If you ever feel low. I.. just want to spew a little thing.
Everyone can be bad, but not everyone can be good.
As much as people may not like this change, I am switching Pathway to Averia to a book. Having it as a comic was.. something I guess my whole-..ness was never in on. I will create art for the covers though.
Gotta say, i'm having quite a good few weeks, now. 


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Skele-mom Featured By Owner Edited Oct 24, 2016  Student Digital Artist
"Sir! Have you seen the face of the devil? "
"Every morning in the mirror, pal." Said the literal Devil.
Skele-mom Featured By Owner Oct 23, 2016  Student Digital Artist
You call them swear words, 
I call them sentence enhancers. 
Skele-mom Featured By Owner Oct 23, 2016  Student Digital Artist
I love sarcasm, it's like punching people in the face with WORDS. 
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